Fireplaces and Fire Pits from Breakwater Design & Build, Inc.

What better way to usher in autumn's chilly weather then by chilling outdoors right in your back yard with a blazing fire. Imagine this... pinpoints of light dotting the dark sky, friends gathering in a circle, sipping wine and chatting, the kids toasting marshmallows..... Let us here at Breakwater Design & Build, Inc. help you create this picturesque backyard setting at your home.

Few childhood experiences bring back more good memories than sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories with friends and family. A fire pit installed on your deck, patio, or elsewhere in your backyard, makes it possible for you to enjoy that same experience night after night, right out your own backdoor. And with a wide range of styles available to choose from, there's sure to be an outdoor fire pit that will catch your fancy and look great incorporated into your overall landscape design.
Creating the ambiance of a campfire with a fire pit is one of the hottest trends in back year recreation. Not to mention that the cost of installing an outdoor fire pit can vary widely and is generally cheaper then installing a fireplace.
"The fireplace creates a mood in the backyard and gives the space an anchor, backyard fireplaces are right up there with pools and spas." Mitch Kalamian the owner of the Garden Design Group.

Be careful about safety issues and be aware of local ordinances. If your are thinking of getting a fire pit in the back yard of your home, place the fire pit away from the house and away from the tree limbs.





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