First Church of Christ, Scientist and Christian Science Reading Room
One Central Street
Camden, ME 04843
Phone: 207-236-4040

Love, another name for God, is the foundation of our Church. We believe that God is good and everything He created is good as stated in Genesis 1:31. Man is spiritual - created in God’s image and likeness as the Bible states in Genesis 1: 26, 27.

We hold Sunday services and Sunday School at 10 am and testimony meetings on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm to listen, pray, share, and praise God.

The Christian Science Reading Room is a spiritual resource center and bookstore. You may read or purchase The Christian Science Monitor, books, and magazines on Christian Science and spiritual healing. Also available are Bible references and many children’s items. A computer is available to explore topics on spirituality at:

We welcome you to visit or join us as we learn and practice more fully this infinite theme of God’s goodness and ever-present love as Jesus taught in his healing ministry.

WHO claims authority in your life?

Madelon explains- Authority has a lot of different faces – some personal, some incredibly impersonal. A teenager knows the face of their parent who exercises authority over their curfew. A Marine private knows her drill sergeant's authority as he barks orders. But there is also faceless authority...
Free Web Talk "Never Alone: How spiritual ideas work in ...

Feeling isolated? Worried about the future? Feeling disconnected? Tune in to hear Melanie Wahlberg (a Christian Science practitioner and member of the Board of Lectureship) give an inspirational web talk, "Never Alone: How spiritual ideas work in us". Thursday, September 17, 2020 7 PM ...
Remote Services Offer Support and Inspiration

First Church of Christ Scientist, Camden is carrying on services remotely during this time. Those who join these remote services will be able to hear scriptural readings, inspiring music, and testimonies of healing shared by participants. Sunday Service 10:00 AM Wednesday Testimony Meeting ...
God is Truth

FULL-TEXT Truth July 22–28, 2019 Golden Text | Psalms 85:8 (to 1st :) I will hear what God the Lord will speak: Responsive Reading | Deuteronomy 1:3 Moses; 30:11 this, 14, 20 (to 2nd :); 32:1–4; Isaiah 25:1 . . . Moses spake unto the children of Israel, according unto all that the Lord ...
Free Talk: The Science of Christianity

Explore the connection! Can there really be a science to Christianity? Are there really spiritual laws that can be proven reliably? International speaker, Mary Alice Rose, says, “Christian Science is rooted in the scientific method. I've witnessed examples in my own life and that of others ...