Fishermen's Excursion, champion hen and air raid wardens

Aug 21, 2014

Aug. 21, 1868

“Fishermen’s Excursion – The Members of the Washington Engine Co. made an excursion on Thursday of last week, to Fort Point, in the Fairy of the Wave. Music, dancing, pic-nicing and flirtations, were among the amusements.”

“The mackerel fishery is lively in our Bay. The fish are more abundant and larger in size than ever before known. Some persons have caught as many as two or three barrels of No. ones in a day, and realized upwards of twenty dollars as profit.”

Aug. 23, 1906

“Charles H. Elwell of Burnham has a champion hen, evidently. She has produced an egg which measured 9 ½ by 11 inches, and on breaking it open an ordinary size, hard shelled egg was found inside. This throws the double-yolk egg in the shade.”

“At a special meeting of the city council Wednesday evening, the committee on sewers was authorized to contract with Lancaster & Cottrell to lay a sewer on Court street from Miller street to the residence of R. H. Moody, and 200 feet up Spring street from Court street, and the work was begun the following morning.”

“Notices have been posted in conspicuous places warning automobilists of the speed regulation, eight miles an hour within one and a half miles of Custom House square and 15 miles elsewhere within the Belfast limits.”

Aug. 20, 1942

“Ralph R. Thompson, Chief Air Raid Warden of Belfast, announces that the mobilization on Wednesday evening, was a failure as far as the wardens are concerned. He stated that ‘It was not a surprise for they have had their schedule, and it has been published, but only about one-quarter of the air raid wardens reported. Inasmuch as the air raid wardens are the eyes and ears of the civilian defense, it is discouraging when all do not cooperate. Apparently they don’t realize the seriousness of the situation.’ This makes five complete failures as far as the medical units are concerned.”

“Congressman Margaret Chase Smith will be one of the speakers in Belfast at the Republican Rally in the Opera House Friday evening. She plans to remain here Saturday forenoon and make several visits.”

Playing at the Colonial Theatre: Veronica Lake, Robert Preston and Alan Ladd in “This Gun for Hire,” and Tyrone Power and Joan Fontaine in “This Above All.”

Aug. 19, 1982

“Main Street hill had gotten a face lift this week along with the nearby façade of Embee Cleaners. Bruce Evans has turned some store owners green with envy as he spreads ‘Mint Patty’ paint across the three-story building.”

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