Pine Tree Wrestling League

Five Midcoast mat athletes secure middle school championships

Troy Howard forges to second among 26 teams in season finale
By Ken Waltz | Mar 30, 2014
Photo by: Mark Haskell Troy Howard's Patrick Curtis, right, battles Cony's Marcus Caudill during the Pine Tree Wrestling League middle school championship meet March 29 at Cony High School in Augusta.

Augusta — One Midcoast team finished second and five area mat athletes pinned down individual titles during the talent-laden Pine Tree Wrestling League championships Saturday, March 29 at Cony High School.

The tournament encompasses 26 middle schools across central and coastal Maine.

Mountain Valley of Rumford finished first with 135.5 points, while Troy Howard of Belfast was second at 118 (the Lions had won the PTWL East regional the week before).

On Saturday, the Falcons finished with two firsts, three seconds, two thirds and a fourth to secure the team title. The Lions, on the other hand, had two firsts, two seconds, a third and three fourths.

Among other participating Midcoast teams, Oceanside Middle School of Thomaston/Rockland finished with a first and three seconds, Medomak Middle School of Waldoboro a first and three fourths, Mount View Junior High of Thorndike a first and second, Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville a second and fourth and Camden-Rockport a first. HAL is the combination of Hope Elementary School, Lincolnville Central School and Appleton Village School.

Medomak's Duncan Widdecombe (81 pounds), Mount View's Mark Ward (93), Oceanside's Connor McGonagle (117), Troy Howard's Jacob Racioppi (130) and Jacob Waterman (145) and Camden-Rockport's Mark Tocco (137) captured league titles in their respective weight classes.

Finishing as runners-up were HAL's Eric Andrews (75 pounds), Troy Howard's Chase Curry (117) and David Warren (137) and Mount View's Seth Padelford (170).

There also was several third- and fourth-place finishes for Midcoast athletes.

The team scores were: Mountain Valley 135.5, Troy Howard 118, Cony of Augusta 94, Oxford Hills of South Paris 86, Dirigo of Dixfield 78, Oceanside 68.5, Skowhegan 67, Medomak 60, Nokomis of Newport 51.5, Bath 45, Mount View 42, Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville 33, Winslow 24, Messalonskee of Oakland 24, Camden-Rockport 23, SUGG of Lisbon Falls 20, Hancock 18, Mount Ararat of Topsham 15.5, Monmouth 15.5, Mount Blue of Farmington 11, SaWaLi of Oak Hills/Sabattus 10.5, Bucksport 8.5, Hampden 8, Ellsworth 4 and Gardiner no school.

Additionally, MMS earned the league's sportsmanship award. Interestingly, the Medomak Valley High School wrestling squad has earned several recent Maine Principals' Association Eastern Class B Good Sportsmanship Banners.

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Midcoast student-athletes who qualified for the league championship meet were:

Camden-Rockport —  Mark Tocco (137 pounds), Brady Hedstrom (111), Ian Henderson (87), Eben Merrifield (170) and Michael Yates (123). Aiden Aviles was an alternate at 81 pounds, Jayred Robishaw at 117, Alex Vokey at 145 and Alex Davis at 195.

HAL — Eric Andrews (75 pounds), Noah Lang (1st at 105), Marshall Sawyer (4th at 81), Andrew Kelly (4th at 99), Ben Benson (4th at 117) and Tyler Gerry (4th at 240). Dawson Allen was an alternate at 93 pounds.

Medomak — Duncan Widdecombe (81 pounds), Eli Miller (130), Korbin Daniels (155), Erik Benner (195), Noah Munn (240), Jakob Gess (105), Jacob Overlock (111) and Eli Malburg (137). Shane Cookson was an alternate at 87 pounds, Isaac McCollett at 99 and Amos Hinkley at 170.

Oceanside — Alex Fogarty (87 pounds), Ben Ripley (99), Connor McGonagle (117), Carter Fogarty (75) and Alex McLaughlin (145). Seth Sweet was an alternate at 123 pounds, Lucien Marriner at 130, Brennan Harris at 137 and Zoe Goff at 240.

Mount View — Mark Ward (93 pounds), Seth Padelford (170) and Toby Pontillo (195). Nathaniel Fuller was an alternate at 155 pounds.

Troy Howard  — Jacob Racioppi (130 pounds), Jacob Waterman (145), Anthony Sanborn (240), Chase Curry (117), David Warren (137), Timmy Smith (81), Isaac Ham (87), Patrick Curtis (93) and Konnor Harford (170). Hunter Blood was an alternate at 105 pounds and Hunter Thompson at 111.

The individual results for Midcoast wrestlers, with league season records included, were:

75 pounds — Eric Andrews (22-1), HAL, pinned Vinny DeRoche, MountVal, at 4:08; beat Caden Kowalsky, MtA, 10-5; and lost to Noah Dumas, Co, 7-2, in the championship final. Andrews finished second.

Riley Micklich (15-7), Med, was pinned by Noah Dumas, Con, at 0:30; beat Tyler Preble, Nok, 9-2; and was pinned by Caden Kowalsky, MtA, at 4:14.

Carter Fogarty (14-5), Ocean, lost by major decision to Caden Kowalsky, MtA, 12-2; and was pinned by Vinny DeRoche, MountVal, at 0:49.

81 pounds — Duncan Widdecombe (23-0), Med, pinned Jack Tibbetts, SUGG, at 1:13; pinned Timmy Smith, TH, at 1:07; and pinned Everit Roy, MountVal, at 2:28 in the championship final. Widdecombe finished first.

Timmy Smith (15-5), TH, beat Josiah Langworthy, MtA, 5-4; was pinned by Duncan Widdecombe, Med, at 1:07; won by major decision over Mason Savary, Bath, 14-3; and lost to Jack Tibbetts, SUGG, 8-2, in the consolation final. Smith finished fourth.

Marshall Sawyer (10-9), HAL, was pinned by Everit Roy, MountVal, at 2:56; and lost by major decision to Mason Savary, Bath, 10-2.

87 pounds — Alex Fogarty (19-2), Ocean, pinned Cody Holman, MtA, at 1:29; lost to Austin Merrill, Skow, 6-5; pinned Isaac Ham, TH, at 2:23; and pinned Ethan Rac, SWL, at 2:08 in the consolation final. Fogarty finished third.

Isaac Ham (10-7), TH, was pinned by Anthony Mazza Jr., MountVal, at 5:00; beat Josh Brown, Nok, 10-6; and was pinned by Alex Fogarty, Ocean, at 2:23.

Ian Henderson (14-7), CR, was pinned by Austin Merrill, Skow, at 0:15; and lost by technical fall to Cody Holman, MtA, 20-4.

93 pounds — Mark Ward (18-0), MtV, pinned Josiah Kenney, SUGG, at 2:15; pinned Foster Ashmore, Buck, at 2:30; and pinned Marcus Caudill, Co, at 1:09 in the championship final. Ward finished first.

Patrick Curtis (12-6), TH, was pinned by Marcus Caudill, Con, at 4:28; pinned Jordan Douglas, Bath, at 0:50; beat Foster Ashmore, Buck, 10-8; and lost to Jacob Booth, Nok, 4-2, in the consolation final. Curtis finished fourth.

99 pounds — Ben Ripley (20-1), Ocean, pinned Matt Hyde, MtB, at 3:45; lost to Nate White, MountVal, 7-3; pinned Andrew Kelly, HAL, at 0:12; and pinned Matt Hyde, MtB, at 4:00 in the consolation final. Ripley finished third.

Andrew Kelly (18-7), HAL, was pinned by Samson Sirois, Skow, at 2:07; pinned Chase Thebarge, Dir, at 2:38; and was pinned by Ben Ripley, Ocean, at 0:12.

103 pounds — Noah Lang (19-3), HAL, won by major decision over Jasper Turner, MountVal, 14-5; lost by major decision to Jon Wainwright, Dir, 8-0; beat Jake Emery, Buck, 6-4; and lost to Anthony Sousa, Co, 7-0, in the consolation final. Lang finished fourth.

Jakob Gess (8-9), Med, was pinned by Russell Damon, Ox, at 2:48; and lost by technical fall to Jake Emery, Buck, 16-0.

111 pounds — Brady Hedstrom (10-4), CR, lost by major decision to Dylan Desroches, MountVal, 9-0; and lost by technical fall to Justin David, Ox, 16-0.

117 pounds — Connor McGonagle (18-0), Ocean, pinned Donavin Rector, Bath, at 0:42; pinned Quinton Richards, Nok, at 0:58; and Chase Curry, TH, at 1:09 in the championship final. McGonagle finished first.

Chase Curry (11-5), TH, won by major decision over Jakob Arbour, Co, 11-2; beat John Bell, Skow, 10-8; and was pinned by Connor McGonagle, Ocean, at 1:09 in the championship final. Curry finished second.

Ben Benson (16-7), HAL, was pinned by John Bell, Skow, at 4:16; pinned Jakob Arbour, Co, at 2:21; and was pinned by Quinton Richards, No, at 1:56.

123 pounds — Michael Yates (10-7), CR, was pinned by Caide McLean, Skow, at 1:12; and was pinned by Reed Kiah, Han, at 4:18.

130 pounds — Jacob Racioppi (16-0), TH, pinned Lexi Witherel, MtA, at 0:55; pinned Abram Sirois, Mon, at 1:17; and beat Isaiah Cogswell, Bath, 3-1, in the championship final. Racioppi finished first.

Eli Miller (18-4), Med, pinned Jacob French, Co, at 2:50; lost to Isaiah Cogswell, Bath, 7-4; pinned James Boyd, Nok, at 1:26; and lost by technical fall to Abram Sirois, Mon, 15-0, in the consolation final. Miller finished fourth.

137 pounds — Mark Tocco (13-0), CR, received a bye; won by major decision over Jason Paradis, Ox, 11-1; and beat David Warren, TH, 8-7, in the championship final. Tocco finished first.

David Warren (12-2), TH, beat Isaac Voisine, MountVal, 4-3; beat Nic Mills, Co, 7-4; and lost to Mark Tocco, CR, 8-7, in the championship final. Warren finished second.

Eli Malburg (9-7), Med, was pinned by Nic Mills, Co, at 0:42; and was pinned by Isaac Voisine, MountVal, at 1:29.

145 pounds — Jacob Waterman (15-0), TH, pinned Emerson Brown, Ox, at 0:34; pinned Alex McLaughlin, Ocean, at 1:13; and pinned Isaac Therrien, MountVal, at 1:09 in the championship final. Waterman finished first.

Alex McLaughlin (18-4), Ocean, won by technical fall over Taylor Avery, Bath, 16-0; was pinned by Jacob Waterman, TH, at 1:13; won by major decision over Ben Blake, SUGG, 14-2; and beat Elijah Ames, Nok, 5-2, in the consolation final. McLaughlin finished third.

155 pounds — Korbin Daniels (18-4), Med, won by injury default over Brad Harriman, SUGG; was pinned by Dawson Stevens, Ox, at 4:29; pinned Darin Buono, MountVal, at 2:07; and was pinned by Nolan Degroot, Dir, at 4:05 in the consolation final. Daniels finished fourth.

170 pounds — Seth Padelford (18-3), MtV, pinned Kane Katula, SUGG, 5at 0:24; pinned Michael Arsenault, MountVal, at 1:50; and was pinned by Ryan Fredette, Win, at 1:51 in the championship final. Padelford finished second.

Konnor Harford (14-5), TH, lost to Michael Arsenault, MountVal, 5-2; pinned Kane Katula, SUGG, at 0:54; pinned Eben Merrifield, CR, at 4:09; and lost to Michael Arsenault, MountVal, 7-3, in the consolation final. Harford finished fourth.

Eben Merrifield (14-6), CR, pinned Trent Stevens, MtB, at 1:04; was pinned by Ryan Fredette, Win, at 1:00; and was pinned by Konnor Harford, TH, at 4:09.

195 pounds — Erik Benner (19-6), Med, was pinned by Jarod Taylor, Ox, at 1:00; pinned Jamin Pullen, MtB, at 1:35; and was pinned by Jared Smith, Han, at 1:25.

Toby Pontillo (9-10), MtV, was pinned by Dalton Berry, Dir, at 0:28; and was pinned by Dakota Mclver, SUGG, at 0:43.

240 pounds — Anthony Sanborn (16-1), TH, pinned Lucas Dunn, Ox, at 0:14; lost to Ian Brennick, MountVal, 5-3; pinned Tyler Gerry, HAL, at 0:34; and pinned Noah Munn, Med, at 2:05 in the consolation final. Sanborn finished third.

Noah Munn (13-6), Med, was pinned by Ian Brennick, MountVal, at 4:03; pinned Lucas Dunn, Ox, at 0:48; pinned David Gross, Buck, at 1:21; and was pinned by Anthony Sanborn, TH, at 2:05 in the consolation final. Munn finished fourth.

Tyler Gerry (8-6), HAL, was pinned by Avery Bradeen, Dir, at 2:08; pinned Wyatt Charest, Co, at 1:00; and was pinned by Anthony Sanborn, TH, at 0:34.

Pine Tree Wrestling League championships
Pine Tree Wrestling League championship meet March 29 at Cony High School in Augusta. (Video by: Mark Haskell and Holly Vanorse Spicer)
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