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People like to reflect their surroundings in their decor, especially in bathrooms. In other parts of the house, especially the main living spaces, they are afraid of things looking dated, but in the bathroom they like to have fun. They indulge their playful side. Great ideas to really make you bathroom look like its a "Maine Bathroom" is to use some colors inspired by sea glass, you could use some beautiful blue and green glass tiles on the lower part of the wall to echo the colors of the beach.


Some things you might want to consider when thinking of some renovations for your kitchen is how you like the look of your cabinets, whether you prefer cabinets or open shelving. Cabinets are very traditional, you see them in most homes compared to open shelving, but with open shelving you can display the things you use, such as you beautiful bowls and crocks and teapots.



One of the best things about Maine bedrooms is that they are so sweet and simple. Some ideas to make it a dream Maine bedroom is if you have a white chair and white nightstand, include something like a cobalt blue vase and sunflowers, or even a stack of magazines. Installing a ceiling fan is also great idea for Maine, the weather is perfect here you don't really need an air conditioner.

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