Football is a concussion looking for a place to happen.

By patrick quinn | Sep 05, 2017

Concussion is the proper name for football.  This weekend a Hampden Academy football player was injured during the Friday night game, he was taken off the field on a stretcher. He suffered a concussion and a neck injury.  This is common in football. The parents and the school officials should be petitioned to a court protective hearing on child abuse.

As a former Child Protection Worker for the State of Maine, I am aware of the definition of Child Abuse by adults.  If any adult willingly and knowingly subjects a child to possible serious injury than this is known as child abuse. Title 22 chapter 1071 MSRA. Read the exact words for yourself.

Any parent who allows their child to play football is in serious jeopardy of child abuse. Parents should protect their children from such a stupid game.

Incidentally, I played football for 7 years in junior and senior High School.  I have lived with injuries for fifty years.  Get your child to play tennis or run track or anything not so explicitly violent as football. The brain you save may be your own child's brain.

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