At Searsport Elementary

Fourth graders have nose for news

Mar 13, 2014
Photo by: Tanya Mitchell The fourth grade team at Searsport Elementary School came together for a group photograph Thursday morning, March 6 following a presentation about journalism from Republican Journal reporter Tanya Mitchell. In the photo with the students is Elementary Technology Integrator Geoff Cyr.

Searsport — Students in the two fourth grade classes at Searsport Elementary School rolled out their first issue of their newsletter titled "News from Moose" earlier this week with a little help from a local reporter.

Thursday morning, March 6, the fourth grade team welcomed Republican Journal reporter Tanya Mitchell, at which time the students learned more about the skills and tools journalists need to do their jobs, and what that type of work entails.

Throughout the hour-long presentation, the youths asked Mitchell a variety of questions, including what kind of education one needs to become a reporter, how many hours a reporter might work in a given week and how many stories a reporter might write from week-to-week.

In addition, the youths learned about the importance of teamwork, gathering accurate information for use in stories, taking photographs that help the writer tell a story and maintaining connections with people who live in the community a reporter serves.

As part of Mitchell's visit, the students presented her with a draft of their first issue of "News from Moose," which the students said was named after the animal the fourth grade team chose as this year's mascot. The students went through each story published in the newsletter with Mitchell, at which time the group talked about the importance of re-reading articles for clarity, accuracy and typographical errors.

Going forward the students will continue to hone their note-taking and writing skills, with a little help from Mitchell and the Journal staff.

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Posted by: Dorothy Hiebert Odell | Mar 14, 2014 16:55

Thanks to the Republican Journal for keeping us informed about some of the really great things happening in our local schools.  And thanks to Tanya Mitchel for talking to the Searsport fourth-graders about journalism.  It is just this kind of involvement from members of the community that can provide a context for what students are learning in the classroom.

Posted by: Faith L Garrold | Mar 13, 2014 16:50

Hands on learning and with the help of a community member who knows her profession well!  A great combination and  this kind of learning  helps to make education fun and meaningful while learning common core skills!  Searsport students win again.

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