Fourth pot store proposed for Rockland

By Stephen Betts | Oct 01, 2019
Photo by: Stephen Betts Nancy Shaw of Swanville filed an application Sept. 23 with the Rockland Code Enforcement Office for a medical marijuana store at 11 Lime St.

Rockland — A fourth application has been filed with the city for a medical marijuana store.

Nancy Shaw of Swanville filed an application Sept. 23 with the Rockland Code Enforcement Office for a business at 11 Lime St. This is the former Bicknell Manufacturing building now owned by Dupont Industries of Wilmington, Del.

The Rockland Planning Board will hold its first review Oct. 15. A formal public hearing would then be held Nov. 5 if the application is ruled complete at the initial meeting.

There initial application stated there would be no on-site cultivation or processing at the Lime Street business but that is required to be considered a medical marijuana production facility and thus some will be grown at the facility.

The is the third medical marijuana business under review by the Planning Board.

Kristine Doherty of Rockland has submitted an application for Highbrow, at 696 Main St., the former site of a C.N. Brown gas station.

The Planning Board ruled Doherty's application complete and scheduled a formal public hearing for Tuesday, Oct. 1, at 5:15 p.m. at City Hall. The board will visit the site at 4:45 p.m. that day. A vote on final approval could be taken that evening.

Glenn Johnson filed an application June 26 with the Code Office for a medical marijuana production facility at 270 Park St. This building had formerly been used by Midcoast Children's Services, and before that, by Grace Bible Fellowship.

The Planning Board will review the Park Street proposal -- named Dirigo Medical CBD -- Oct. 1.

Scrimshaw, at 500 Main St., is also in a building that had once been used as a church and later as an antiques storage site. It is the only approved and operating medical marijuana production facility in Rockland.

The applications being received by Rockland come after the Maine Legislature approved earlier this year a law to regulate retail marijuana shops. The state Office of Marijuana Policy plans to begin accepting applications for recreational marijuana business licenses by the end of the year.

Municipalities must vote to opt in for retail stores. The Rockland City Council has yet to vote on whether to allow retail marijuana stores.

Maine residents chose to legalize recreational marijuana in a 2016 public vote.

Rockland residents voted in a nonbinding referendum in November 2018 on whether to allow marijuana businesses in the city. Voters said no to allowing adult recreational marijuana stores in the downtown by a 1,610 to 1,282 tally (56 percent to 44 percent).

But they said they would support recreational marijuana stores elsewhere in the city by a 1,670 to 1,240 tally (57 percent to 43 percent).

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Posted by: Kathryn Fogg |

Valerie, As to your last sentence to Mary, maybe you should.  Otherwise perhaps you can relax by knitting some potheads for our local lobster traps.


Posted by: Kathryn Fogg |

Valerie, As to your last sentence to Mary, maybe you should.  Otherwise perhaps you can relax by knitting some potheads for our local lobster traps.


Posted by: Cynthia Mary Anderson |

Do you realize in these days of the opioid crisis, it is next to impossible to get help from any physician to relieve your pain?  AND, many primary care givers are sending people to a physician or nurse practicioner to have a thorough medical exam BEFORE they are issued a medical marijuana card?  Chemo patients are using it for nausea.  Chronic pain sufferers are finally getting relief from their pain.  My care provider has researched the benefits of marijuana use, and is happy to see people get relief.  There is even scientific fact that marijuana MAY help cure cancer.  These people are not hanging around the streets stoned.  They are sitting in their homes, relaxing, and grateful for the pain relief.  I think the drunks hanging around Main St. are the ones who cause all the trouble.  And to explain further, Joe Blow cannot walk into a "pot" store, as you so lovingly call it, you have to have a card.  So no tourists are going to be rushing to these stores, because they don't have a medical marijuana card.  This is 2019, not the sixties!!!  Let go of the stigma.  Marijuana users are not going to wreck havoc in the streets, and pillar the community, or burn down the village.  For heaven sakes, let go of the stigma.  Pain and cancer sufferers have finally found some relief.  If our physician's are doing such. a great job controlling pain, people would not need to seek alternative therapies.  One or two stores are not going to kill Rockland's image.  Please.    Methinks thou dost protest too much.........

Posted by: Valerie Wass |

Kathryn Fogg,

Have you ever researched the medical benefits of pot?   Would you call a cancer patient taking a form of pot for the side effects of his cancer treatment a "Pot Head"?



I do believe that you are incorrect in stating that all applications are coming from Main Street?  Are you stating that all the Pot stores are applying to be on Main St?  If so, that is not correct.  One already is on Main Street.   That is the only one right now that is open.



Is there anything nice you can ever say about Rockland, seeings where you do not even live here!


Everyone is getting so bent out of shape for nothing!  I really wish that society would not be so bias on this subject.  Whether you smoke it or not, Pot is among one of the most popular medicine right now with all the strains they can make for hundreds of illnesses.   MEDICAL POT DOES NOT AND MOST OFTEN IS NOT SMOKED LIKE A JOINT!  Jeez, people, get educated before spouting of on something that you just do not like to do!!!!   For the record, no I do not smoke nor take in any form, pot.

Posted by: Mary A McKeever |

I cannot believe Rockland would let this pass. Camden by the Sea and Rockland by the "POT".....Sad!

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. |

It is socially acceptable to consume alcohol along Main Street, but go hide if you use pot.

Posted by: Stephen K Carroll |

I always knew Rockland would eventually go to Pot.  As Steve outlines in this article a non-binding referendum in November of 2018 showed a majority of Rockland voters did NOT wish to have marijuana stores in the Main street area and where are all the applications coming from ?  I am just once again so disappointed at the direction this city is going in.  The Bicknell building would make a beautiful Public Market.  I just visited Seattle Wa. and toured their famous Public Market.  It's such a gathering spot for so many diverse people and businesses.  So what's next for Rockland an oil refinery ?

Posted by: Carleton Ingerson |

And what does most grocery stores, drug stores and convenience stores selling booze do for the community?

Posted by: Kathryn Fogg |

This gives the Lobster Capital a whole new meaning for supplying pot heads.

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