Community Happenings
Dec 26, 2020
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

The Children’s Clothing Exchange is an Outreach Program of the Second Congregational Church in Warren and we are located in the Red Brick School Community Center behind the Warren Baptist Church in the Warren Village.

We are open EVERY Saturday and continue to offer FREE clothing for children newborn to size 14. Donations of clean clothing is always welcome and always needed. To keep the clothing fresh and flowing we are now using an exchange system. It's not imperative that you donate, but it certainly will help our cause. Monetary donations are also encouraged and welcome to offset utility costs at our new facility.
We currently have an abundance of children's clothing. Everyone is welcome and we are not town specific. Please come and help yourself to summer clothing. We have winter and school clothes available by mid August.
For more info: (Church) 207.273.2338 or (Susan) 207.701.7622 or visit our website or like us on FACEBOOK!