Free Parenting Presentation rescheduled

Judith Orme, MSW, a counselor, mediator, and parenting specialist, is offering a series of free parenting presentations. Originally scheduled to begin this week, instead, the first will be offered Wednesday, September 19. Entitled "Siblings: Raising Each One Uniquely," this presentation will be held 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Children's House Montessori School, 58 Elm Street in Camden.

Typically, when siblings fight, parents intervene too often and too quickly. Siblings can be so angry or out of control that it may seem impossible to get them to solve their own problems. At this presentation, however, Orme will offer a "less is more" approach, helping parents see that they don't always need to intervene immediately.

There is no charge for the presentation and there will be a question and answer period. Advance sign-up is required, however. To sign up, call Judith Orme at 603-801-6382.

Orme will offer three more presentations in the coming weeks: "From Power Struggles to Problem Solving: Transforming Conflict into Cooperation" on Wednesday, October 3; "Temperament" on October 10 and "Co-Parenting through Separation and Divorce" on October 17. All presentations will be held at the Children's House Montessori School in Camden. All parents are welcome and may choose to attend any or all of the presentations. For more information on other presentations contact Judith Orme at the number above.

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