Free Public Reiki Share

Community Happenings
Dec 07, 2017
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Three local Reiki healers,  Mary McCormick, Courtney Byers and Diana Chapin, collaborate in this healing session at Morningstar Midwifery, 111 High St., Belfast. Sign up by Dec. 5 for a free 15-minute Reiki session at 249-2261 or No walk-ins.

Reiki comes from two Japanese words, which combined mean “universal life force.” This life force runs through all matter, including the human body. Reiki healers are trained to facilitate the movement of life force energy through the body, clearing the energy centers — or chakras — of the body to facilitate rest, relaxation, feelings of well-being, health and vitality. Reiki can do no harm and is safe, drugless care suitable for anyone.

Many who participate in a Reiki session experience healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Often called “laying on of hands,” the Reiki healer may work a few inches from the body or place hands gently on the client. During a Reiki session participants can either lie fully clothed on a massage table or may opt to receive healing sitting in a chair. To prepare for a session, the Reiki healers suggest coming with a calm, relaxed attitude and a mindset to receive through being open.