Free Training: Adverse Childhood Experiences: How Early Trauma Impacts Long Term Health and Social Outcomes

Sep 14, 2020
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Free online course; registration required to obtain access.

How do traumatic events during childhood impact later development? How do factors like experiencing child abuse, a lack of housing or food security, or social instability in the home relate to a person’s likelihood of later engaging in problematic drug use? How can resilience be supported in children’s lives to help mitigate potentially life threatening consequences of childhood trauma? Join Duncan Dwyer, public health educator with Health Equity Alliance, to explore the adverse childhood experiences study and learn to develop ways to integrate awareness of ACE scores in your own trauma-informed practice.

Visit or call 301-3950 to register.

Duncan Dwyer is a Public Health Educator with Health Equity Alliance in Belfast. He has over two decades of experience as an educator and organizer for healthcare, social services, and academic organizations. Duncan has worked as a technical training coordinator for MaineHealth and as both an employment rehabilitation counselor and client advocate at Washington County Mental Health in Vermont. He has also served as a teaching fellow at Brandeis University and as a field researcher for projects at Brandeis, Harvard University, and the University of Southern Maine. His expertise is in community education and civic engagement. He lives in Searsport and is a writer, activist, and avid hiker.