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By Kyle Hadyniak | Nov 09, 2019

Hello everyone,

This column today is written by Sallyann’s grandson, Kyle, on behalf of our entire family. Sallyann passed away on Nov. 5, 2019, quickly and painlessly, and we know she loved writing about Freedom for The Republican Journal. She adored Freedom and the people in it, so we thought it would be fitting to write one final column for this paper.

Sallyann was a people person, a habitual socializer whose voice was immediately recognizable to anyone within earshot. She wrote this column for 20 years, and while there are many talented writers and contributors for The Republican Journal, we are sure the paper will be a little less great because Sallyann will no longer have her voice in it.

The Hadyniaks moved to Maine in 1997 from Carteret, New Jersey. People who knew Sallyann probably heard her talk about her agoraphobia at some point. It was a condition that impacted her daily life in New Jersey for 20 years ― indeed, Sallyann virtually never left her house during that time. In Freedom, it was rare to see her inside her house, as she was always out and about.

Consider how remarkable it was that she mustered the courage to move from her New Jersey home to a new state. Once she got here, she broke the shackles of her affliction with the help of her family, friends and new community, and became an integral part of Freedom. It’s an example we should all hope to emulate: summon the courage to go outside your comfort zone, and don’t let an affliction define you. If only one person takes this lesson to heart and frees themselves from their own shackles, Sallyann would consider her life a success.

Of course, there are many reasons why her life was so enormously successful ― far too many to describe in this column. So instead, the Hadyniaks would like to leave Republican Journal readers with excerpts from a letter to the editor Sallyann wrote as she was preparing to live in Maine. The letter was published in the June 11, 1992, edition of The Republican Journal:

“Speaking for myself, I just can’t get enough information regarding how to live in the country. It’s going to be a totally different kind of life and a new experience for us. We are looking forward to living amongst nature in the peace and quiet of the country and to enjoying the animals that surround us and hope for our days to be filled with serenity.”

And lastly, a heartwarming prediction of the way Sallyann would live her last 22 years of life:

“I have come in contact with about a dozen different people from your area, and when I see their names mentioned in the different articles or read stories about them, it gives me a warm feeling and brings a smile to my face because I feel like a part of Waldo County already.”

Thank you for reading Sallyann’s column over the years.

With love,

The Hadyniak family.





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