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By Nathan McCann | Feb 21, 2020


This will be my last column before "Super Tuesday." Democrat or Republican, please vote, and be sure to weigh in on the referendum question regarding immunization requirements for students in elementary and secondary schools, post-secondary schools and employees of nursery schools and health care facilities.

A no vote will uphold the law, removing religious and philosophical exemptions for the above classes; a yes vote will revoke the law and restore the religious and philosophical exemptions.

In my experience voting, referendum questions seem to be worded almost the opposite of what I would intuitively think. In any case, voting will take place on March 3 at the Freedom Election Hall from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Only registered Democrats or Republicans can vote in the primaries, but anyone of legal voting status can vote on the referendum question.

This past week has been such a mixture of dead of winter and hints of spring. We had two snowstorms since my last column, and in the same time frame, some hopeful duck laid two eggs. One day we got four chicken eggs and a duck egg.

The Unity Area Recycling center is now taking #1 and #3-#7 plastics, effective immediately. They do not accept styrofoam. #1 plastics must be separated from #3-#7. This is wonderful news to me. Throwing those containers in the trash has probably doubled our trash production as a family over the past many months.

I am listening to an audiobook called "The Trance Formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips. Many of the claims in the book have been hotly contested, but it is still interesting. Given the subject matter, I would be surprised if there were no contested claims. The lack of independent and neutral oversight of "black-ops" programs begs the age-old question, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" "Who watches the watchmen?"

The Freedom Board of Selectmen meets every Monday night at 6 p.m. unless it coincides with a holiday. Board meetings are open to the public except for executive sessions, pursuant to Maine statute.

It may be a little late for this winter, but residents may take up to two 5-gallon buckets of sand after each storm from the small sand shed on Skidgel Lane. Thank you to the Public Works Department for keeping our roads clear even when it snows every single day for a week.

The Freedom Congregational Church has a 10 a.m. worship service on Sundays. The church is located at 45 Pleasant St.

Have a great week. See you at the polls.


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