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By Nathan McCann | Mar 20, 2020


Generally speaking, everything is canceled. The Freedom selectmen are considering steps to maintain continuity in our local government. I appreciate that they also sent out a mailing to every resident explaining what they are aware of and the steps they had taken as of March 16. It is amazing to live in a time where there could even be a total lockdown, but people could still conduct much of their business face-to-face in a sense.

If you have been reading my column for the past 2 1/2 months, you probably have noticed that I do my best to encourage people to help each other, to love God, and to live without fear. Seeing birth rates drop to levels that will not even replenish our own populations is devastating to me, and will eventually be devastating to our entire country.

I hear many people joke that nine months from now there will be a baby boom. And it is just that. A joke. People are already so terrified of climate change, war, and their neighbors to have babies in even replacement numbers. I watched Trevor Noah of The Daily Show say in the past week that he has never been happier he doesn't have children. If you pay attention, this is a message that is consistently pushed in movies, television and music.

If you are alone, please reach out to someone. If you are scared and want to talk to someone who isn't, my phone number is at the beginning of this column.

I cannot in good conscience tell people to follow any state or federal orders limiting travel or gatherings, which are both constitutionally protected rights granted to us by our Creator. But I will say that often the saying, "better safe than sorry," is true. Do your own research and do what is right for you and your family. It is honorable and right to make a sacrifice to help others. It is wrong to do things unnecessarily to put others at risk. We are staying home as much as is reasonable, and if a lockdown is put into effect, we will obey it.

At the annual town meeting on Pi Day, all articles were accepted except for article 34 which was an article to require landowner consent for the installation of wireless transmitting devices in the public way. It was agreed by all present that although the issue should be addressed, it was not urgent and should be dealt with in a more methodical way. As I write this, Verizon and other cellular companies are talking about ramping up installation of their new 5g networks. They are now talking about installation, even in rural areas, in a matter of months rather than years.

If you are reading this in the newspaper, you are at least a week into the future from me. I wonder what the week will bring.

Notice from the Board of Selectmen

As everyone is aware by now, we are in a situation that has never occurred in our lifetimes. The Board of Selectmen met last night and decided to take the following drastic steps in order to protect the health and welfare of its residents and of its employees:

Effective immediately, the Freedom Town Office is closed until further notice for all walk-in business. Our town clerk and town treasurer will be working at the office and will be available over the phone and by email.

Aside from new vehicle registrations, most needs can be met by phone and by email. Please visit for further information. For further assistance, please call the Town Office at 382-6177.

We are also immediately stopping all vehicle registrations for non-residents.

Monday, March 16, was the last meeting of the Board of Selectmen in the Town Office until further notice. Until this situation is brought under control, all meetings by the board and other town employees will be by video conferencing. The results of every meeting will be posted on the door at the Town Office immediately following the meeting and will also be made available online.

If you are in need of help, please do not hesitate to call the Town Office, or any of the individuals listed below. Also, if you would like to assist in some manner to help our residents to get through this crisis, please call.

Town Clerk Cindy Abbott, 382-6177

Town Treasurer Alyssa Brugger, 382-6177

Board of Selectmen

Ron Price, 382-3177

Steve Bennett, 382-6129

Elaine Higgins, 382-3038

Emergency Management Director Jim Waterman, 993-2602

Health Officer Frances Walker, 382-6267


The Family Easter Party scheduled for April 5 is canceled.

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