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By Nathan McCann | May 10, 2020
Photo by: Nathan McCann The McCann family's accumulated recycling awaits the recycling center's reopening.


OK, just to clear up any misunderstanding...I did not talk to Brian Wilson on the phone for last week's column. I don't even listen to the Beach Boys. The gentleman I spoke with last week is Brian Jones. Sorry for the confusion, and sorry, Brian.

Speaking of memory problems, I have seen over the past few years the claim that there is a so-called "Mandela effect" in which well known cultural markers are changed. One example is the famous children's book series "The Berenstain Bears." There may be some of you who read that and think it should read "Berenstein." There are many other examples, but it is key to realize that there is well-documented proof that people have incorrect memories that they will insist are accurate. One study involved 9/11. Within a couple of years, some people had completely changed their memory of where they were, who they were with, or what they were doing.

I don't think my mistake was a memory problem, but rather that I zoned out while writing and my brain did not recognize "Wilson" as an error because it is familiar in a different context. You know I know your name, right Brian?!

The Unity Area Regional Recycling Center is still planning to reopen May 12, which is very exciting news for my family. I have included a photo of all of our recycling that we will be taking there ASAP. Thank you very much to the towns that have participated over the years in various capacities to provide a recycling center for everyone in the area.

I attended the selectmen's meeting via Zoom on May 4. There was a lot of talk about spring cleanup, which will begin May 11. All items for pickup should be put out before May 22.

In the years we have lived here we have been able to clean up huge amounts of wood that was left in piles and half rotten in various places throughout our yard. Fire Chief Jim Waterman gave me a burn permit last night, and although the pile was not burned all the way down by the time I put it out, I think we cleaned up more in this fire than any other. It is a good feeling to improve the way a place looks, and even better when you can do so by having a fire. I found out that the Freedom Volunteer Fire Department is still meeting regularly, and is still responding normally to situations, with the exception of efforts to maintain social distancing when responding.

The town of Freedom has an ordinance that was approved last year at a special town meeting which modified the preexisting Emergency Management ordinance to allow the town to make an emergency declaration. That has not happened, but I think it is good that we have that on the books in case this, or some other disaster, costs the town a lot of money.

Traveling through Freedom village, I see that Villageside Farm is selling through its website rather than the usual weekly plant sale. Be sure to check Freedom's town website for other food resources in town, including links to food pantries, contact info for local supermarkets, and a link to Freedom's newest farmers' market.

Have a fun and productive week! Stay warm still, I guess!


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