By Sallyann Hadyniak | Sep 13, 2012
Source: staff member


Tyler Charles Hadyniak was introduced to Angus King in Portland on Sunday September 9, 2012   Angus King is the ex Governor of Maine and is now running for United States Senator from Maine as an Independent.

Mr. King recognized Tyler’s last name due to the letters and articles he has written to and  about Mr. King.
After the Debt Town Hall at the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Tyler was invited by several of the campaign members to go back to Rivalries Portland Maine Sports Bar and Grill Restaurant with Angus and a few others of his staff to watch the Washington Redskins game. Tyler and Mr. King chatted for a little bit about the Civil War, football, etc...  Tyler is quoted as saying "He is a really nice guy’’.  It might seem too cheesy to compare Angus King to Jefferson Smith from the 1939 classic movie, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” but I say the two are very similar.

Perhaps the most prominent comparison is that both are willing to stand up for what they believe in.  King is an independent, with both conservative and liberal ideas. This testament to his character makes him the perfect choice to go to the Senate.

King also is untainted by the Washington establishment, and will bring the Senate a new face and fresh ideas. I am convinced he will fight, like Jefferson Smith, for the people, even if that opinion is unpopular with his colleagues in the upper chamber. King will fight with the same fervor for his Maine constituents, and I am convinced all sides of the political spectrum will be proud when it will be a new day when Mr. King goes to Washington.

Tyler can't wait for Angus King to go to Washington as Maine's next Senator!

This past year Tyler has met several important and well known political figures in the world of politics and attended the Republican Convention in Portland.

Tyler is a sophomore studying Political Science as his major and American History as his minor at the University of Maine, Farmington. (UMF)


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