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By Sallyann Hadyniak | Jul 17, 2014


The next scheduled Selectmen’s Meeting will be held on Monday, July 28 at the Town Office starting at 6:00 P.M.  It is open to the public as usual.


The Freedom Selectboard and the Board of Assessors are preparing to mail your 2014 property and personal property tax bills.  As dictated by State Law they are required to tax all real estate and personal property in our town.  The guidelines used to evaluate personal property in Freedom over the past several years are as follows:

  1. Machinery used in agriculture, forestry and construction.
  2. Equipment used in a business enterprise, such as display shelves, computer equipment, games, freezers, etc.
  3. If the equipment is owned by a leasing company they need their contact information which should include name, address, phone, fax number and email.  All the equipment whether owned or leased should be identified and listed in the following manner.
  1. 1. Type of machine
  2. 2. Brand name
  3. 3. Model
  4. 4. Serial number
  5. 5. Year of manufacture
  6. 6. Present value

All equipment that can be excised, such as farm tractors, should be identified and please indicate if they are excised.

This information is very timely and critical.  We appreciate your immediate attention.  Their goal is to have this compiled by July 30.  This information can be mailed to the Town Office, 71 Pleasant Street, Freedom, Maine 04941 or given to Cindy Abbott during regular office hours.

All personal property newer than 1995 may be eligible for a state refund through two state programs.  There are applications forms available and our assessor Jackie Robbins can assist anyone who wishes to apply.  This can be done over the telephone.  Jackie’s telephone number is 852-1540

Voice of Freedom:

There isn’t much of anything going on around town.  It’s a bit on the quiet side, so I will just wing it with whatever comes into my head about things I know.

First of all, I want to say “Happy Birthday” to Viola Greeley!  Viola will celebrate her special day with her family.  May you have many more happy and healthy years and may all your wishes come true.


Hilary and Tom Fleming had their daughter and son in law visiting for a vacation for two weeks from Arizona!  Times are always good when surrounded by family, especially when they come from a far distance.

Just Reporting:

Freedom’s Twin Brothers to play in the Lobster Bowl!

Mt. View brothers to line up together one last time in Lobster Bowl

Christopher and Clint Spaulding will take the field for the East on Saturday night in Biddeford.

BY TRAVIS LAZARCZYK STAFF WRITER | @tlazarczykMTM | 207-861-9242

HEBRON — Christopher Spaulding found out in March that he’d play in the 25th Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl. Clint Spaulding was invited just before it was time to report to camp at Hebron Academy.

“I was psyched, because I get to play with my brother one last time,” Clint said. “I get to play with the best of the best.”


• When: 6 p.m. Saturday • Where: Waterhouse Field, Biddeford • Series: West leads, 17-7 • Last year: East 25, West 13


East quarterbacks looking to light it up in Lobster Bowl
Lobster Bowl realignment sees teams make switch
Maine gridiron stars preparing for Lobster Bowl
According to Jason Fuller, the Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl athletic director, the Spaulding twins are the first brothers to play together in the game’s history. The brothers graduated from Mt. View High School in June. The 6-foot-2, 230-pound Christopher will play offensive guard for the East, while the 6-3, 260-pound Clint will play defensive tackle. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. Saturday at Waterhouse Field in Biddeford. Proceeds from the game benefit Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.

The Spaulding brothers have played football together for a decade. It’s been a competitive 10 years.

“It gets bad. We just go at it all the time. Most of the time when we’re across from each other, we just make each other better,” Christopher said. “I school him a couple times, then he gets me. That’s how it is.”

Clint played defensive tackle for the Mustangs, with Christopher behind him at linebacker. On the offensive line, the Spauldings lined up next to each other, Christopher at right guard and Clint at right tackle.

“We felt pretty secure that we’d get some positive yards running behind those guys,” Mt. View head coach Haggie Pratt said.

After Tuesday morning’s Lobster Bowl practice, Christopher raised his right arm to show off a deep purple bruise just below his armpit. The mark was courtesy of his brother.

“I’ve got a bruise underneath my arm from where he slammed me,” Christopher said. “He’s just aggressive. He always keeps people up. He’s mean. I wouldn’t want to be the kid across from him on Saturday.”

Clint was equally complimentary of his brother’s play.

“He’s definitely better than me. He keeps you going, motivated. He’s fast, quick and physical, and he’s the first one right to a hit,” Clint said.

While some players get to the Lobster Bowl and must learn a new position, Pratt thinks the Spauldings are each right where they should be.

“Chris is a really good pulling blocker. He’s just a good leader,” Pratt said. “Clint’s very good at scrapping down the line. He’s fast for a big guy.”

Pratt said the brothers would push each other to be better players.

“They constantly challenge each other,” Pratt said. “If something went wrong on that side of the line, they’d get at each other about it.”

Both Spauldings earned all-academic honors from the Little Ten Conference in each of the last two seasons. Playing with the best football players in the state has given the brothers a chance to learn new things about their positions. Christopher, for instance, is playing offensive line in a spread offense that’s much different than the run-heavy system used by the Mustangs.

“I like it. It’s a little more variety than what we’ve had, a little more passing. It’s cool,” Christopher said. “You learn a bunch of new stuff. You take what we were used to, and you take what they’re doing, and you’re at another level. There’s no more, the kid across from you might not be the best on his team. The kid across from you now is the best. It’s an elite squad.”

On the defensive line, Clint is enjoying every minute.

“The defense is all fired up. I’m pumped up. It’s all of us,” Clint said.

Because he was named to the team so late, Clint was given extra time to raise the $400 each player and cheerleader is asked to raise for the Shriner’s hospitals.

“I’ve had some friends help me out here and there, but whatever I don’t make up by game day, I’m paying out of my own pocket. It’s for a good cause,” Clint said.

Knowing this is the last time they’ll play football together, Clint and Christopher Spaulding say they’ll leave Waterhouse Field with no regrets.

“It’s going to be all out,” Christopher said.

Travis Lazarczyk — 861-9242

Wishing the Spaulding Twins, Chris and Clint a great game, give it your all and Win, but most of all enjoy the game.  You make your parents, siblings, family and myself proud of you both!

Good Luck!


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