By Sallyann Hadyniak | Jan 11, 2018

Save the Date:

The Freedom Community Historical Society will be presenting “Winter Follies” on Saturday, February 3, at the Springvale Farm located on Pleasant Street (across from the Town Office).The activities will \consist of snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating, horse and sleigh rides, snowmobiling etc.

Also, there will be more information to follow regarding Freedom Follies. Prentice Grassi of the Village Farm will be the MC for this program.  If you would like to perform doing what you like to do, contact Prentice.  There will be a pot luck supper to be held before the follies. (Starting at   5:00 P.M)  Donations of food and desserts are welcome, there isn’t any charge but money donation are more than welcome and will be greatly appreciated. The Freedom Rec Comm. will be serving hot drinks, food and snacks at the Town Hall and a place to warm up.  In the meantime, let’s hope the weather isn’t too cold and that there is enough of snow.

.It takes a lot of planning and different committee’s working together.   I hope you will find it in your heart to come on out and have a great time.  Show your support.  I will update this next week if needed so stay tuned.


If there is anyone interested in volunteering on the Appeals Board (we need two) and we are looking for a volunteer for a Solid Waste Director and also a School Board Representative.   Please contact Cindy Abbott at 382-6177 if you are interested.

 Nomination Papers:

 Nomination Papers are available to be picked up on at the Town Office.

 The Nomination Papers must be filed in the Town Office before noon on Wednesday January 17.


 Position for One Selectman for a 3 year term

Town Clerk for a 1 year term

Tax Collector for a 1 year term

Excise Tax Collector for a 1 year term

Treasurer for a 1 year term

School Board Representative for a 3 year

 Benefit Supper:

There will be a Benefit Potluck Supper & Auction for Rebecca Bryant on Saturday, January 20 starting at 5:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

It is being hosted by Karen York at the Mt. View High School in Thorndike.  Rebecca lost her home and all her belongings and her 6 puppies to a fire last week.  No one was home at the time.


The Selectmen will hold their meeting on Monday, January 21, at the Town Office starting at 6:00 p.m.

Freedom Community Historical Society:

The FCHS will meet at the Town Office on Wednesday, January 15 starting at 6:30 p.m.

Dirigo Grange:

The Dirigo Grange #98 will meet on Thursday, January 18, at the Hall starting at 6:30 p.m.

Voice of Freedom:

Get well wishes go out to Marguerite Ward who is i the Belfast Hospital.  Feel better soon.

My grandson Tyler took a road trip by himself and drove from Portland Maine to Portland, Oregon in 11 days and put 7,649 miles on his car.  He visited his Uncle Evan for two days and then turned around and headed back home to Portland, Maine. He too the southern route out to Portland and cane home on the northern route.  Both routes brought him the best weather.  Once he arrived home safely, bad weather hut the Midwest.  How nice it us to be young. 

Hat is it folks, until next week take care, stay safe and stay warm.  God Bless.,                    

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