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By Sallyann Hadyniak | Nov 16, 2012
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The Meaning of Thanksgiving

by Kevin Ngo

With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought I’d write about the meaning of Thanksgiving and what this joyous occasion is really about. I won’t be talking about Pilgrims and turkey dinners, however, gobble gobble. What I’ll be talking about is the true meaning of Thanksgiving: Gratitude. We all know this, of course, but, hopefully, this post will serve as a reminder as well as give you some new insights.

How many people do you know who go through life frustrated because they feel like they never seem to be or have what they want? It strikes me as odd to see people who seem to have so much going for them, yet never seem to be happy. How about you? Do you ever find yourself stressed and unfulfilled? What do you think it takes to be happy?

You see, we all have these rules of what has to happen in order for us to be happy. For some people they need a million dollars, for others, as long as they have their health, they’re happy. What are your rules? What has to happen in your mind in order for you to be happy? Many things may be running through your mind right now, but if I could just suggest one thing… And that is, be happy for what you already have.

Think about what you have in your life right now. Think of the friends you have, your spouse, the house you’re living in, the car you’re driving, or maybe the sports trophy from your school days or your college diploma or even the laptop or computer you’re using. Do you remember back when one or more of these things were mere goals or desires that you had? How did you feel the moment when you finally obtained it?

Oftentimes we get so caught up in our next dream or goal that we completely forget how much we used to want what we now have but take for granted. We've all heard the saying about not knowing how much something means to us until it’s gone, but I say, if that’s the case, why wait? Appreciate what you have while you’ve still got it. How? I’m glad you asked.

Tips for being grateful

1. Visualize not having what you have.

Imagine not having the car you currently drive or the house you live in or the people you have in your life. You may be hating your job, but imagine losing it tomorrow. Imagine losing your legs or arms or your eyesight. If you really play along and go full-out on this, you will be more appreciative of what you have.

2. Give things away that you wanted in the past, got it, but no longer appreciate.

What if you gave away things you don’t even take notice of anymore, the things you've taken for granted. Donate your kidney, your hair, your car, your parents, or maybe your siblings. Yes, I’m joking, but think about how you’d feel if you were actually in the process of giving these away. How does the thought of losing these things or people make you feel?

3. Be thankful every morning.

Those first two tips can be powerful if you really do it full-out, but the problem is they might not last too long. A week might go by and you could be back to taking the things you have for granted again. So, like exercising, to be grateful every day, you need to do it every day.

Each morning when you wake up, think about all the things you are grateful for. What do you have that you would never want to lose? Don’t just think about it, really feel it. Feel the joy and happiness in your body. Starting your day like this will do wonders for the rest of the day. Do this every day and it’ll do wonders for the rest of your life.

So for this Thanksgiving holiday, remember, the meaning of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for what you have and it’s a day that’s set aside as a reminder for us to be grateful. Whatever you end up doing and whoever you end up spending time with this Thanksgiving, be happy that you have those people in your life. If you don’t have anyone or anything, at least be grateful for your eyesight and ability to read. Again, happiness really comes down to what rules you set for yourself in order to be happy. And it’s always a good place to start with what you already have.

To stay with the meaning of Thanksgiving theme here, I’d like to end this post by taking thisopportunity to say thank you. I’m grateful for the internet ... for allowing me to reach people from all around. I’m also thankful for people like you who read my posts, you keep megoing. Again… thank you. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


The Selectmen will hold their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Nov. 26, at the Town Office starting at 6 p.m. These meetings are open to the public.

The Historical Society still has cookbooks, photos, Historical Scrapbooks, for sale and has now added a bicentennial coin, which contains the dates of 1913-2013. The first 100-year coin (1813-1913) is no longer in circulation. Any of these items would make a lovely gift for any occasion, so why not contact Viola Greeley or Lorraine Overlock and support the Historical Society by purchasing one or all four of these historical items! The price of each item is only $10.

Cemetery Committee:

We are also in need of someone to represent the town cemeteries. We do have a volunteer who takes care of the cleaning up, etc., but we need a volunteer to chair this committee. If you are interested, please contact the Board of Selectmen and send your letter or call the Town Office.

Health officer

We are in need of a health officer! You can notify the Board of Selectmen to get more information as to just what this position involves.

I have been asking for volunteers for some positions for quite a while now, and must say, I, together with others, am disappointed that out of a town of approximately 700, nobody has come forward. Please try to make an effort to give some of your time to the town you reside in. You probably are tired of reading my requests, but all I can do is keep asking until the positions are filled or volunteers step up to the plate.


The Searsport Lions Club will be hosting a free Thanksgiving dinner at the Lions Club on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 22. The club is offering this meal to anyone in need of food, friendship or a great time. It will take place from 11 a.m. to 2  p.m. at their clubhouse on Prospect Street in Searsport. Come and help them celebrate their second year of offering this event.

The Knox Booster Club is having its annual tree-lighting community event. Friday, Dec. 7. It starts at 5 p.m. The tree lightening is at 5:30 p.m. and Santa and Mrs. Claus will arrive at 6 p.m. There will serve hot cocoa, snacks, and have sleigh rides. Everyone is welcome!

Freedom Booster Club

The Freedom Booster Club will be holding its Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday, Dec. 8, at the Town Office from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Table rentals are available for $10 per table. There will also be a silent auction, Chinese auction and refreshments will be served. Anyone interested in donating refreshments, renting a table, or making any kind of donations, contact Cindy Abbott at the Town Office 382-6177, Ext. 1. Proceeds from the table items will benefit the Bicentennial.

Voice of Freedom

The Volunteer Fire Department of Freedom wishes to thank everyone who attended or donated to its hunters' breakfast!  It was a huge success!  I want to say thank you to the men and women who belong to the FVFD, for their time and service.

For all the suppers that the Dirigo Grange and the Freedom Congregational Church held, special thanks go out to those two organizations for their delicious food, time and bringing together families, friends and neighbors. together to show their support.

The Veterans' Day Celebration once again was well attended, the program was very enjoyable, and the donated refreshments were delicious. Thank you to the Freedom Recreation Committee for putting this all together! For those of us who were there, we sat, listened to the church bells toll at 11 a.m., to the recording from “Old Glory,” to the songs of the five gentlemen who sang, and reflected on the veterans living and dead who fought for our country so that we may live in peace and enjoy our freedom!

On this special day, after the services were over, the people returned to the church hall and another celebration took place. Roy Ward, our oldest resident, turned 93 years young and a lemon-filled cupcake with a candle on it was presented to him and everyone sang "Happy Birthday."  Congratulations, Roy, may you have many more happy and healthy days, and may your dreams continue to come true.

Let's all look forward to next year as we once again will celebrate Veterans' Day! Thank you to everyone who was involved in this celebration.

Until next time. Love life. Do good. Live well.


"7 Pieces of Advice From A Hawk

1. Soar to new heights
2. Be a keen observer
3. Swoop down on opportunities
4. Rise above it all
5. Spread your wings
6. Find a field that suits you
7. The sky's the limit"

Mountain Wings

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Posted by: Jeff Davis | Nov 18, 2012 07:22

That was an outstanding column. Thank you. I don't know if I would have gone all caps on my fellow townspeople about the Health Officer. Nobody wants that job. I don't think Stockton even has a Health Officer. Most of us guys are married and don't really want someone else telling us what we can and can't eat. But I understand you frustration. Its kind of hard to get people to volunteer to do things. It's good of you to try. I throughly enjoyed your column and look forward to next week's issues. Between you, me and Barb Tilley, we might just fatten this paper up. Good luck, fellow columnist Sallyann. You write a nice piece.

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