Fusion Helps Local Boy Back To His Feet!

Wednesday, March 19th, was a very special day for Adler Michaud-Griswold.  It was the day he officially completed physical therapy. 

In February of 2013, Adler underwent surgery to correct Femoral Anteversion and Tibial Torsion.  In other words, the bones in his legs were surgically untwisted.  In April, once his bones were healed enough that he could have his casts removed, he began to therapy with Fusion Outpatient Therapy Services.  Kerri Holt, MPT, tailored a therapy program to help Adler regain his strength.  She ensured that it was fun and easy enough that it would keep him engaged while keeping it challenging enough that he would gain the strength his legs had lost while in casts.  Further, it had to help retrain his muscles to work with legs that now faced the right direction.

Kerri designed a program using rehabilitation “games” in tandem with the fitness equipment at Fusion.  Fusion is an outpatient therapy clinic located on the Tall Pines campus within The Residence.  They offer a variety of therapy services including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to members of the greater Belfast area regardless of age.  They also offer fitness memberships which allow access to the large number of Nautilus machines as well as a NuStep during business hours. 

With Kerri’s help and access to Fusion’s equipment, Adler went from being unable to stand to running and playing with his peers in a few short months!

After accomplishing his initial rehabilitative goals, Adler continued to visit Kerri at Fusion to further strengthen his legs and improve his co-ordination.  Upon completion of his therapy, Adler received a certificate from Kerri and other Fusion staff in recognition of his accomplishment.

To learn more about Fusion Outpatient Therapy Services, please call (207) 930-7037 or visit http://www.tallpinesliving.com/fusion-outpatient-therapy-clinic.html.

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