Geekbook | 5 Things You Should See

By Dream Local Digital | Jan 17, 2014

by Jeff Howland



This week's '5 Things You Should See.'

1. 6 year-old orphaned boy hugs a pair of shoes
2. Parents find late-daughter's letter to her future self
3. Peter Pan interrupts the show to propose to Wendy
4. 9-year-old leaves people speechless with performance
5. Photographer adds herself into childhood pictures

Once again, how does this happen? Don't we have computers and smart people flying these? Google now controls your mind and your home. I think the car thing is next.

You can now get Pizza Hut by the slice. Can I still get 8 slices in a box in a circle formation? Beanie Baby tax trouble, this should be a country song, and I find this photo oddly captivating.

This lack of intellectual depth and civil discourse is what happens when I don't spend enough time on Twitter. I'll try harder next week.



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