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Obesity in dogs is a serious issue. In speaking with several local vets, it is something they see too much of. Obesity in dogs causes so many issues - diabetes, joint issues, decreases longevity, and more.

Just like humans, it is calories in vs. calories out. Several steps you can take to help your dog shed a few pounds if needed is to:

~ watch their calorie intake

~ feed a high-quality, more protein, less carb based food (we can help you with that!)

~ cut treats in half (they don't care about the size of the biscuit, just the attention they receive when getting the biscuit!)

~ exercise! If you aren't able to walk with your dog, fetch is a great alternative (especially with a Chuck-It!)

~ join us for Get Fit With Fido on Tuesday nights in Rockland!

Happy, healthy pets is what we are all about and we can help you get there!

Join the Rockland Loyal Biscuit Co. for a weekly 2 mile walk! Tuesday nights at 6:15 pm! Meet us behind the Rockland Loyal Biscuit Co at 442 Main St., where the walk will start and end.

NO Flexi-leads and regular leashes must be 6 ft. or shorter. Friendly dogs please. No dog? You are still welcome to join us!

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You can find the LBC online at www.loyalbiscuit.comor

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