Gracie is Looking for a Forever Home!

Gracie the cat is currently in a very loving foster home but is in need of a forever home! If you are interested in adopting Gracie please call the shelter at 594-2200 or stop in between 11 am and 5 pm, Monday through Saturday.


Gracie is a beautiful, sweet and affectionate cat who likes to be petted, especially on her face, eyes and neck. However, when she’s had enough “love” for the moment, she will let you know with a meow, nip or swat with a paw. She does like brushing with the same terms.


Gracie will happily greet your family members and visitors with curiosity. She lets you know when she’s ready for petting by rubbing her body on a leg or bumping her head on a leg or hand.


Stuffed mice or other toys, with or without catnip and plastic balls with a bell will have her racing around to toss and chase them. She loves her canned cat food and cardboard cat scratcher.

As an indoor cat Gracie is happy sleeping on a chair or a rug in the sun. She also loves to watch the outside world from the safety of the indoors in a comfy window in the sun.

She would be happiest in a quiet home without other animals and would be a great companion.

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