Gratitude goes deeper during strange times

By Benny H. as told to Liz Hoffmann | May 06, 2020

Hello everyone! I’ve missed you and am so glad to be back. Please know that even though you can’t see me at this precise moment, I’m likely wagging my tail.

It’s been a very strange time for everyone, and that includes me, my four-legged siblings and my human. She told me it’s because there is a bad sickness out there, and lots of people are scared. I feel scared for all of us too, but even with that, there have been some good things that have happened. One of them is that my human is home all the time now!

I used to dread when she left the house and would always wonder when she’d be coming back. We dogs live for our people and for being around them. So now that she’s home all the time, it’s glorious!

Also, she’s suddenly developed an extreme love of neighborhood walks! She’s always grabbing our leashes and saying, “let’s go Benny; let’s go Ilsa” and around the neighborhood we go! We’ve been going on a lots and lots of walks; more than ever before!

What’s even more unusual is that when we are on these walks, she wears a muzzle. Not me, not Ilsa, but our human! The humans we pass are wearing muzzles too!

It’s very similar to a muzzle like the scary Veterinarian has, since it covers her mouth and nose and she doesn’t like it. She’s never bitten anyone and rarely growls at strangers so I’m not sure why she’s wearing it. Why are all the other humans wearing them too? Are people trying not to bite one another?

She also has been taking us for car rides, but we don’t actually stop anywhere. We just a ride around and around and then we come home. Again, it’s unusual. Although, I do love it since I stick my face out the window and get the breeze up my snout!

So, while there have been those good things, there have been some bad things too. We haven’t been able to go to the dog park and there haven’t been any visitors to the house.

As you know, I love visitors and seeing my friends. I mean, a guy has got to hang with more than just his dog sister and some cats! I have tried to take on some projects in my free time though. One of those projects is to teach the cats to bark, to wag their tails and to look out the window for the mailman.

It’s been frustrating since they pretty much ignore me, and as hard as I try to explain and be nice, they are very uncooperative. They do wag their tails when I pester them enough though, so maybe I have made some progress.

Besides that, what I learned most during this strange time is a new level of gratitude. I think in the past that I took all the head scratches and pets from strangers for granted. I also took going to the dog park and hanging with my friends for granted too.

In the past my gratitude was focused on having food, a warm bed, and a forever home with my human, so I never, ever considered not being able to see my friends and not being able to meet new ones. But boy, do I ever wish I could now.

So, it seems that my gratitude for many things in my life has gone to a deeper level. Maybe that is the good that will come out of this. I will never again take simple things for granted and will do my best to be grateful for everything in my life.

Like you dear readers, I’m grateful for you.

With love, Benny H.

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