Great Expectations:  A bra-fitting @ City Drawers

By City Drawers | Jun 26, 2012

Our bodies change; our boobs change.  "They" say we should be fitted annually... that makes it sound like a medical check-up, doesn't it?  Honestly though, women's bodies go through many changes and even minor ones can affect the size bra you need to support you.  Do get fitted when you need a new bra or when you've experienced changes such as: weight loss or gain, puberty, pregnancy, breast-feeding, post-weaning your baby, menopause, etc.

Women also arrive in the store with various health issues or experiences they are needing to solve: breast reductions, fibromyalgia, back pain, skin sensitivities, etc.  These are challenges we can help you with.  We will listen to you and share the experience we've gained working with others.  Your needs are what has built up our bra inventory to what it is this first year in business.  A well-fitting bra can make a big difference in how you carry yourself and what you're able to accomplish.  Let us help you!

So, what is a bra-fitting like at City Drawers?  Nothing like a mammogram, that's for sure! We hope you can look forward to this experience.  We do bra fittings any time the store is open, no appointment necessary.  You are welcome to browse, and when you're ready, enter one of the two dressing rooms.  You will need to remove your shirt - but keep your existing bra ON.  We'd like to come into the dressing room and talk with you about the bra you're wearing and what you're looking for (ie: a sports bra, an everyday bra, a date-night "pretty" bra).  We can maybe even adjust your existing bra to work better for you.  We will take two measurements.  One will be around your body right under your breasts.  This tells us what band size you should wear.  The other is around the fullest bust point which will guide us to the cup size needed.  Again, you will be wearing your bra when we measure.  Then, based on the numbers and your needs, we'll offer different styles for you to try.  Cups have different cuts that might be seamed, moulded, or contour; straps have different shapes and positions; then, there's the variation of underwire or non-wire.... combinations of these features will affect how the bra fits your body.  We carry 20 different lines of bras and do find that your size in one brand may be different than your size in another. When you try on a bra that fits and feels comfortable, it is always wise to pull on a fairly clingy top to see how you like the look of the bra under clothing.  If you don't arrive with something appropriate, we will find something from the store to use.

We do our best to make you feel at home, offer you water or tea, and honor as much privacy as you desire.  It is our pleasure to help you find a well-fitting bra that will make all the difference.

See you at the store,

Dee & KaRyn

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