Great Options for Adventure Holidays

By Chaudhary Khalid Rafiq | Dec 25, 2017

If you consider yourself something of a thrill seeker, the chances are that a vacation that involves lounging around by the pool or on the beach is not going to be the right option for you. If it is adventure that you want there are some great holiday experiences that you can choose from. These are all unique, exciting vacation experiences that will prove to be a real thrill.


No matter what sort of adventures you are into, you will find some great places around the world that will provide you with the perfect experience. These are holidays where you can spend plenty of time outdoors, enjoy a variety of recreational activities, and really get to explore.


Some of the top experiences to try

There are many great experiences that you can try for your next adventure holiday. Some of the top ones to consider include:


  • Going on safari: If you love nature and wildlife, going on a Tanzania safari could be just the holiday for you. You will get to spend time outdoors and take in the natural beauty. Even more impressive is the wide range of wildlife that you will get to see as you travel with your guide. This is a wonderful experience and is one that you will remember for many years to come. Definitely a must do for those are seeking thrills and adventure.


  • The wilderness in Sweden: You can also explore the wilderness of Sweden in the Varmland region, where you can enjoy adventuring on snowmobiles, with huskies, and with cross country skis if you go in the right season. Take in the beautiful icy surroundings coupled with the stark contrast of the beautiful forests and rivers. You get to horse ride through the forests and even try some ice fishing when you go on an organized tour.


  • Desert ride in Rajasthan: Going from the iciness of Sweden to the dryness of the desert of Rajasthan, this type of tour will enable you to experience attractions including desert plains where you get to take in some of the wildlife. You can also go on jeep safaris, visit temples, and see many other great cultural attractions on this type of tour.


  • The beauty of the Cotswolds: If you love being outdoors, enjoy cycling, hiking, and exploring, and want to take in the beauty of the countryside, a visit to the Cotswolds in England is just the thing. Here you will find a huge expanse of countryside that is ripe for exploring, and you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the rural areas that England has become known for.


  • The Gothic adventures of Romania: If you want to enjoy adventure with an added injection of spookiness and Gothic elements, then a trip to Romania is a great choice. You can delight in taking in Dracula’s castle (or Bran Castle), go trekking to see wildlife, and explore the many wonderful attractions here.


These are just some of the excellent holiday experiences and tours that you can choose from if you are looking for adventure.

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