Gypsies, police matter and field dedication

Jun 26, 2014

June 24, 1880

“A party of gypsies, men, women and children, passed through this city Monday. They are on their way from Vermont to Aroostook, where they will camp during the summer.”

Police Matters

“Edwin Wentworth, of Waldo, came to this city on the 11th, got drunk, and became disorderly, profane and abusive. Receiving a warning from Marshal Cates, he waited till a safe distance intervened, and then shouted to the official insulting language. The distance was not so great however, but that the Marshal got his hand on the offender the next time he came into town. His looseness of tongue cost Wentworth $16.80. He’ll know better next time.”

June 27, 1912

“Of the seventeen members of this year’s graduating class of the Belfast High School Stephen C. Clement, Ansel A. Packard, Harold S. Jones and Victor I. Merriam are going to the University of Maine in September; Vergie Beckwith, Marjorie Carleton, Ruth Kimball and Flossie Heal to Castine Normal School; Edna Crawford and Mabel Craig to Mt. Holyoke College; Hester Brown thinks of studying medicine at the Boston University; Hazel Doak will enter the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston; Arvilla Daggett intends to study music, and others will continue their education but have not made definite plans.”

“Work has begun on the foundation for a new house Ralph D. Shute is to build on the corner of Charles and Salmond streets. It will be ready for occupancy in the early fall.”

June 23, 1960

Highway Commission To Meet With Local Business Group

“A group of Belfast businessmen opposed to an access route around Belfast to connect with the new bridge will meet with the State Highway Commission Friday, July 1, in Augusta. The merchants are seeking to have traffic routed through the center of the city. Mayor Greene said this week that he is in no way acting in an official capacity and that his appearance before the SHC is not an endorsement of the businessmen’s request. The local group told the City Council recently that they fear business would be hurt if Belfast is by-passed. At that time Mayor Greene said he thought it was too late for revisions to be made in the highway and bridge plans already taking shape.”

Playing at the Colonial Theatre: 2 Gangland Thrillers, “The Rise and Fall of ‘Legs’ Diamond,” and Rod Steiger and Edward G. Robinson in “Seven Thieves.”

June 26, 1997

Play Ball!

“The new Walsh Field was dedicated Monday night in Belfast. The Little League and softball field was built by MBNA America on Route 52 to replace Mollison Field on Route 3, where work began this week for the entrance to MBNA’s new offices which are under construction. The dedication featured free hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream. It was followed by the first Little League game played on the new field between the Giants vs. the Angels.”

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