Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Camden Harbour Inn

By Camden Harbour Inn | Feb 14, 2019

Today We Celebrate Love
Love is the uncomplicated promise that you are cared for by someone and that you care for them back. It is the delightful feeling that things are simply nicer together. But just as no two snowflakes look the alike, love is different for each of us, and even within ourselves we have the breadth to feel love in many ways – there is the fierce and electrifying thrill of new love, the warm and comfortable love of our families, the lively and goofy love for our closest friends, the safe and tender love of an enduring romance, and even the deep but fleeting love that floods us as we lose ourselves in a song, a book we can’t put down, or the mingling flavors of an exquisite dish.
At Camden Harbour Inn, we are lucky to find ourselves surrounded by love each day. The inn combines unmatched elegance and history with timeless charm, and we pride ourselves on creating a setting where love and romance can unfold and flourish. Sink into a deep bath, warm yourselves by the fire … we take care of every detail, so you can relax in comfort and savor your time with us. If food is a passion, let Natalie’s Restaurant complete your experience with Maine’s most refined dining experience. For our Executive Chef Chris Long, elevating simple ingredients to a level of innovative sophistication is a lavish daily act of love.
From the first moment you step through our doors, to the Belgian chocolates on your pillows at the end of the night, we hope you feel the warm embrace of our love of hospitality. We are thankful we get to share the love with you, on Valentine's Day, and every day you join us at Camden Harbour Inn.
Happy Valentine's Day from all of us.
Proost - Raymond and Oscar
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