Health Matters With Kno-Wal-Lin - No More Loose Ends: Care Transition Coaches in Healthcare

Community Happenings
Picker Family Resource Center, Pen Bay Medical Center campus
3 Glen Cove Drive, Suite 2
Jan 08, 2014
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Kno-Wal-Lin Home Care & Hospice will present "No More Loose Ends – Care Transition Coaches in Healthcare" on Wednesday, January 8 from 11 a.m.-noon at Pen Bay Healthcare’s Picker Family Resource Center.

Tired of feeling like you're the only common thread as you or a loved one transition through healthcare settings? Navigating the healthcare system, especially when transitioning home from a hospital stay, can be overwhelming, frustrating and even frightening. The new Care Transitions program at Pen Bay Medical Center is striving to change all that. Join nurse care transitions coach, Patricia LaVallee, RN, BSN as she discusses her role as advocate and educator in ensuring that adult Medicare patients and their caregivers have the support they need for a safe and smooth transition home from the hospital.

The program is part of the ongoing series, Health Matters with Kno-Wal-Lin, in collaboration with the Picker Family Resource Center, to explore the ways in which home health and community services can promote one's best health and well-being at home.

Talks take place every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Picker Family Resource Center on the Pen Bay Medical Center campus, 6 Glen Cove Drive, Suite 200. Programs are free and are open to all ages, but space is limited. Please call 596-8950 to register.

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