Healthy Waldo County’s Community Anti-Drug Coalition to recognize 'asset champions'

May 09, 2014

Members of Healthy Waldo County’s Community Anti-Drug Coalition set out to identify people in our Waldo County community who might be described as “asset champions.” As a noun, a champion is a person with special knowledge who performs skillfully. As a verb, champion means to fight for or speak in support of a group of people or a belief as an advocate, or proponent. Community members responded by suggesting the names of individuals and professionals and a few organizations to be recognized.

The Search Institute in Minnesota has coined the term ”developmental assets” to describe the positive values, relationships, skills and experiences that help children and teens thrive. Young people with high asset levels are most likely to make healthy choices, while those with lower asset levels are more likely to get involved with negative or risky behaviors like violence, trouble in school, drug and alcohol use and more. In their framework, there are 40 assets grouped under eight categories: support; empowerment; boundaries and expectations; constructive use of time; commitment to learning; positive values; social competencies; and positive identity.

On Monday, May 19, at Belfast Area High School, 14 individuals and organizations will be recognized and honored for the work that they do to build assets for youth in Waldo County. The program is scheduled to take place from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. For more information, contact Patrick Walsh at 338-2200 ext. 109 or

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