here's the astrology for August 22-31

By ananur forma | Aug 21, 2012


    here's what's going on with the planets:


    August 22-24 the Sun in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces. Be careful who you gift your trust to. This aspect is suggesting that someone is a bit of a con artist. Those who are impressionable need to hear these words, as they tend to be overly idealistic.

        August 23 Mars enters Scorpio (at 9:25 a.m.) and begins immediately to be in a positive aspect with Neptune. This would be a good time to see someone with healing abilities. You are more open  to receiving the energy that you need in order for healing to take place. Mars will stay in Scorpio for awhile, that is until October 8. Mars in Scorpio provides the urge to feel deeply into the truth that motivates an addiction so that the core problem can be seen and released, finally. Hypnotherapy at this time could also be useful.

        August 24 Venus is in an awkward aspect with Neptune finding those who are impressionable and looking for love ending up feeling wounded and disappointed. The upshot is that they are likely to be projecting their ideal onto the wrong person.

        August 26-27 Mercury is roughly aspecting Pluto which means someone is “knocking you over the head” with their opinion. What do you choose as a response? This aspect suggests narrow mindedness.

        August 27 Mercury is now roughly aspecting Uranus which is known to speed up your nervous system. You could be easily agitated.

        August 27-29 the Sun is in a positive aspect with Pluto. New vitality is available and the chance to transform old patterns which will strengthen you. You’re wanting to gain your self respect back. Overcoming an addiction to life being a certain way is what I’m talking about. More good news- Mercury is nicely aspecting Saturn which improves patience and concentration.

        August 29-30 the Sun is uncomfortably aspecting Uranus bringing out the rebel in you. Being bossed around by someone would be very annoying to you.

        August 31 the Full Moon takes place at 10 a.m. with the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo. We know deep down inside that it’s up to us to take care of each other and not wait around for the government programs to do something they probably won’t end up doing. Keep your ears open (and your “heart”) for those who need you.




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