here's what's up astrologically speaking from January 15-30. full moon 11:52pm on January 15th east coast time zone

By ananur forma | Jan 15, 2014

January 15 at 11:52 p.m. the Full Moon takes place. Hopefully you have already jotted down your new year resolutions for 2014 before 11:52 a.m. The Full Moon has some stable energies supporting you to move forward this year towards financial security. The Moon is in Cancer and the Sun is in Capricorn both nicely aspecting Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn. Saturn offers blessings of stability and security if you are willing to face reality straight on. This means seeking advice and the help that you need rather denying that you need some help.

January 15-16 Venus is in a conflicted aspect with Mars. “You can’t always get what you want.” That song be the Rolling Stones hits the nail on the head. Addictive behavior wants to take hold of you. What do you do? This could project itself into a conflict with someone you care about rather than dealing with the issues within yourself. You want MORE love and attention. Mercury is aspecting Uranus which can bring about intuitive flashes of ideas which need to be acted on. Your mind is eager to learn.

January 17 your energy level is apt to be lower. Mars is in an awkward aspect with Neptune which tells me that we all need to get more rest and boost our immune systems. Pollution levels might be higher.

January 17-18 Mercury is in a favorable aspect with Pluto finding you seeking a deeper level of psychological understanding in order to accept and forgive what has occurred recently.

January 19 making fun of others boomerangs back and hurts you while Mercury is in an awkward aspect to Jupiter. Avoid gossip. Think before you speak this aspect will speed up your mind.

January 19 is when the Sun enters into Aquarius at 10:52 p.m. until February 18th. With the Sun in Aquarius your focus is on the future and how you can become even more thrifty with alternative ways of getting by. Group endeavors that help to lift humanity is where you want to be.

January 19-31 Jupiter is opposite Pluto which could be about laws changing that are outdated. We, the people must make our thoughts known.

January 22-23 the Sun in Aquarius is nicely aspecting Neptune in Pisces inspiring you to be the best you can be so that your mere presence brings about a gentle wave of peace. Singing in a choir would be uplifting.

January 22-24 Mercury in Aquarius is in a positive aspect to Mars in Libra. This aspect encourages you to write, teach, learn, or go to a couples’ retreat and learn better ways to communicate with your mate. You’re mentally stimulated and ready to expand your knowingness.

January 23-25 funny this aspect comes about at this time with the above mentioned on being so incredibly positive. This aspect, “Mercury awkwardly aspecting Saturn,” is all about dealing with negative thoughts that have made an in-road and created a long term pattern of fearful thoughts. Worry, guilt and shame need to be dealt with in a loving manner rather than the old self-critical way you learned from your parents. Do not allow your mind to take you into a downward spiral of negative thoughts.

January 26-28 the Sun is in a highly positive aspect to Uranus. This aspect is all about individuality and creativity. Bring new ideas to the table. Trust your intuition and do some writing to further what your intuition is nudging you to know. You know more than you think you do. Human rights are on your mind and there is something you can do, even if it’s just making a phone call to your Congress person and stating your opinion. Do it.

January 28-29 with Mars in a positive aspect to Saturn you find that you want to become more organized and orderly. You’ve got more patience.

January 30 the New Moon takes place at 4:38 p.m. and a new cycle begins… This New Moon has the Sun and Moon in a positive aspect with Uranus, quite different from the aspects taking place on January first. We’ve moved into the position of confidence that we the people can make a difference and we are seemingly more committed to moving forward to take a stand for our principles honoring human rights for all. Carry your ideal vision with you always and don’t allow yourself get discouraged.

January 31 Mercury enters into psychically attuned Pisces and remains here until April 7th. Using your imagination (image-in) can help to manifest that which we all deeply desire: peace, harmony and good will for all. Mercury in Pisces also has to do with the film industry. Don’t view negative films which offer the subconscious horrible ideas about what could happen to us. The mass unconscious needs to hold a positive outlook on what we want to manifest. My image is of smiling people dancing in a hand held circle on top of a mountain with the sky clear and blue and sun shining brightly.

Ananur Forma lives in Rockland Maine has been studying and doing private chart readings since 1976. Ananur studied with Isabel hickey in Boston in the early 70's. She also write an astrology column in the Free Press.

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