Hidden Valley Camp students create crop circle

By Ben Holbrook | Jul 29, 2012
Photo by: Ben Holbrook Students in the Hidden Valley Alive! Program begin flattening grass as they design their first ever crop circle Thursday, July 26.

Freedom — The aliens have landed… or at least that’s what artists at Hidden Valley Camp in Freedom who created a crop circle Thursday, July 26, as part of the Hidden Valley Alive! program, would have you believe.

“It was an off the cuff idea,” Counselor Zachary Remey said. “It’s really exciting, because this is probably the largest piece of art work any of us will ever do.”

Remey, along with other counselors and students in the program — designed for 14- to 16-year-old students — began the meticulous task of measuring and then flattening the grass on the locally designated “Tipi Hill.”

The crop circle project is a new endeavor at HVC, and counselors noted the effort was progressing smoothly despite the inexperience of everyone involved in creating such a large-scale design.

Prior to working on the crop circle, counselors discussed the design, which is based on a fractal — an object that is roughly the same on any scale — with the students to introduce them to a few principles of geometry.

“We did some designs and decided on a fractal based on circles,” Remey said.

As the campers worked, a time-lapse camera recorded the process, so everyone could watch the crop circle design take shape. Once completed, Remey said he hoped some aerial photos could be taken to show the final product.

Meg Kassen, owner and director of HVC with her husband, Peter, said the Alive! program, which has 38 students enrolled, is designed to give those students an opportunity to participate in a variety of artistic activities. Kassen said the program includes classes in theater, visual arts, dance, music and other activities.

“The kids have classes and they work with professional artists in residence,” Kassen said. “It gives them the opportunity to grow as a teen.”

For more information about HVC go to www.hiddenvalleycamp.com.

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Posted by: Heather Lee Higgins | Jul 31, 2012 13:56

161 Hidden Valley Road,
Freedom, Maine 04941


Posted by: Andrea Walker | Jul 30, 2012 04:49

The camp is in Montville

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