Holiday Lighting Can You Make it Easier?

By Daggett Builders, Inc | Nov 01, 2012
Photo by: Daggett Builders, Inc

These are things to think about when you build or remodel.

Do you love to decorate for Christmas but hate to go around plugging and unplugging cords?  Candles in every window are pretty aren’t they?  Where do you plug them in?  How long are the cords? Are they a fire hazard?  Wouldn’t you love to turn them all off with a single switch?

Turn on the light.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  How many times have you flicked multiple switches trying to get the light you want to turn on?  Add dimmers, etc and it becomes even more of a challenge.

Phantom energy is a total waste.  The cost to you and our environment is high.  We cut our electric bill almost in half just by unplugging all of the computers and TV’s before going to bed.  Most appliances draw energy even while they are off.    Do you want to have to unplug everything before you go to bed and plug it all back in the morning?   Plan ahead and you can turn them off with a simple switch.   In the meantime, try plugging multiple devices into a power strip and switch that off at night.

Do you want your custom home to be truly custom?  If so think about all the little things that drive you nuts and consult with your builder during the design phase.

Create a notebook of ideas.  Choose a builder who will bring in a design team consisting of the architect or designer, the electrician, the plumber, the HVAC contractor, painter, earthwork sub, landscaper, etc.   Tell them what you want and what you have for a budget.  Tell them you want to meet the subcontractors as a group during the design phase so you can take advantage of their expertise.    Encourage debate between the subs.  Ask questions.  Make sure your builder and architect are present.

At Daggett Builders, Inc we encourage our clients to attend round table discussions with our subcontractors to iron out the details before we begin.

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