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Hot temperatures for hard-working paddlers in Megunticook Lake Race

Event closes in on fourth decade of canoe, kayak and paddleboard fun
By Ken Waltz | Jun 30, 2014
Photo by: Ken Waltz Paddleboarder Thor Emory of Camden, right, as well as canoeists Jeff and Susannah Owen of Orono, back left, head to the finish during the 39th annual Megunticook Lake Race on June 29.

The temperatures were hot, but that did not deter paddlers of all ages sitting inside — and standing on top — of all sorts of watercraft from making the five-plus-mile trek from the public boat ramp to Norton Pond during the 39th annual Megunticook Lake Race.

The event began in one body of water in one town and ended in another body of water in another town, namely starting from just outside Barrett's Cove on Megunticook Lake in Camden and working to Norton Pond in Lincolnville.

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While there were not a ton of participants as in earlier years of the nearly four-decades-old event, the race still held enough allure to attract a bundle of paddlers, young, old, experienced, inexperienced and a growing number from the popular standup paddleboard group.

Eric McNett of Topsham and Joe Shaw of Essex, N.Y. paddled their tandem kayak to a blistering, fast-paced time of 39 minutes and 19 seconds.

Equally impressive was the work of all paddlers, led by Thor Emory of Camden who worked his standup paddleboard across the course in 48:46 — faster than 16 of the 23 craft.

One war canoe even held six paddlers, including two young girls.

The event is hosted by the Camden Parks and Recreation Department and directed by Beth Ward.

The individual results were:

Open canoe one person — 1, Jon Wescott, Lions Bay, British Columbia, 58:04.

Open canoe two people — 1, Hiram Sibley and Steve Carroll, Portland, 1:08:21.

Oopen canoe two-person mixed — 1, Jeff Owen and Susannah Owen, Portland, 48:58.

Kayak one-person men — 1, Dan Baumert, Levant, 47:46; 2, Bruce Weik, Freedom, 47:54; and 3, Jay Baltes, Brunswick, 54:01.

Kayak one-person recreation — 1, Bob Dean, Rockport, 52:48; 2, John Carter, Surry, 55:18; and 3, Richard Matlack, Owls Head, 1:14:03.

One-person women — 2, Roberta McLain, Stockton Springs, 53:01.

Kayak tandem — 1, Eric McNett, Topsham, and Joe Shaw, Essex, N.Y., 39:19.

Standup paddleboard men — 1, Thor Emory, Camden, 48:46; 2, Scott King, Montville, 57:16; Chris Laughlin, Lincolnville, 58:18; 4, Ramiro De Acevedo Ramos, Camden, 59:36; and 5, Mark Benjamin, Camden, 1:05:43.

Standup paddleboard women — 1, Brystle Noble, Thomaston, 1:09:36; 2, Karin Leuthy, Camden, 1:10:03; 3, Kea Tesseyman, Camden, 1:15:55; and 4, Kate Cohen, Camden, 1:16:44.

War canoe — 1, Bill Anderson, Morrill, Mark Ranco, Bangor, Chris Francis, Levant, and Rob Bomberger, Mainheim, Pa., 41:27; 2, Chip Loring, Old Town, Terry Wescott, Thorndike, Rodney McLain, Stockton Springs, and Greg McMorrow, Thorndike, 43:55; and 3, Dan Littlefield, Belfast, Maeve Littlefield, Belfast, John Goulet, Holden, Zeb Hills, Belmont, Alivia Hills, Belmont, and Jeff Littlefield, Morrill, 51:16.

Megunticook Lake Race
Paddlers in canoes, kayaks and standing on paddleboards participate in the Megunticook Lake Race on June 29. (Video by: Ken Waltz and Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Jeff Owen, back, splashes Susannah Owen after the canoeists cross the finish line. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Eric McNett and Joe Shaw. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Paddleboarder Kea Tesseyman crosses the finish line. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Maeve Littlefield waits to begin her paddle. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Set to place the buoy at the finish line is Carl Sager. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Ramiro DeAcevedo Ramos. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Bill Anderson, Mark Ranco, Chris Francis and Ron Bomberger, in no particular order. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Chip Loring, Terry Wescott, Rodney McLain and Greg McMorrow, in no particular order. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Dan Littlefield, John Goulet, Maeve Littlefield, Alivia Hills, Zeb Hills and Jeff Littlefield, in no particular order. One young paddler is hidden. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Alivia Hills. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
The sons of Thor Emory, middle, catch a ride on his paddleboard. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Bob Dean. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Roberta McLain. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Jay Baltes. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Jon Wescott. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Paddleboarder Ramiro DeAcevedo Ramos. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Hiram Sibley and Steve Carroll. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Finn Emory on his dad's board after the race. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Paddleboarders Brystle Noble, right, and Karin Leuthy. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Paddleboarder Brystle Noble. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Paddleboarder Kate Cohen. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
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Posted by: Jeff Davis | Jul 05, 2014 09:52

..and this concludes our test of the Emergency Conspiracy Broadcasting System.

Posted by: Jeff Davis | Jul 03, 2014 10:20

It's probably best to let those who ride decide and a PFD in the boat beats one on the shore. For myself, I can swim like a fish and won't pick up a paddle until I put on a PFD. And I want one that will keep alive if I knocked out in the water or have a stroke. I am 59. So, I wear a jacket. They flip you over so you can still get some air.

That being said, no child should be in a natural body of water without having a PFD firmly attached to their little body. And monkey see, monkey do.

Posted by: Alex Tenneson Cohen | Jul 03, 2014 08:39

There were PFD's on every boat and SUP's. For myself, I was wearing a coast guard approved waist style PFD.

Posted by: Jeff Davis | Jul 01, 2014 09:41

Mr. Sheridan, I completely agree with you.

Posted by: Paul Sheridan | Jul 01, 2014 07:45

Precious few PFDs are worn by those in the this the best model we have for our youth?

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