How Can Networking Help Job Seekers?

By Frank Coutinho | Aug 11, 2018
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Today, it is now considered a well-known fact that professional networking is supposed to be one of the most effective job search strategies for any industry, position, or job market. Many people are in their current job positions because they understand the actual value of networking and are already benefiting from their contacts made. In fact, statistics show that around sixty percent or higher of job positions are filled through networking or referrals with current employees in the workplace. Before human resources open a job for the public, they often ask internal employees if they know of anyone who may be a good fit for the role. With the importance of networking now highlighted, we will discuss some networking tips to assist job seekers in maximizing their networking experiences.


Start Volunteering

By volunteering in a field that is related to your career or area of study, you are putting yourself in an ideal position to meet with experienced and influential people in your industry. This connection can bring you multiple career opportunities and benefits. While you volunteer, you can also display or market your talents and skills to your new network. Volunteering is also a useful platform to acquire some valuable real-world experience, which employers always prefer since it makes you look more well-rounded. You can even add this experience to your resume, which is a bonus.


Engage in Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are beneficial for college students, graduates, and experienced employees in any industry or economic climate. By conducting these types of discussions, you can speak with professionals who are working in the field in which you are also interested in and learn from their job experiences. Informational interviews do not only provide you with useful first-hand knowledge about a specific working field, but it will also expand your professional network at the same time. If you feel shy or uncertain of how to conduct an informational interview, you can always read books about this topic, like Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi, which is one of the most popular books on this topic.


Maintain Your Online Presence

In today’s digital age, participating in social media has become a necessity for professionals to share and showcase their past experiences and online resume. More and more employers and recruiters are searching for potential talents to hire through these social media websites like It is essential that professionals ensure their profile is professional and complete because it will be assessed to be a reflection of their character.


Join Related Professional Organizations

Ask job seekers, and professionals about effective networking strategies and most of them would respond by saying - join professional organizations. Job seekers do need to join organizations that relate to their professional fields or careers. By entering a related professional organization, you will come into contact with many people who have the same professional aspirations that you have. This is an excellent opportunity to sell your talents and skills at conferences and meetings held by these organizations. Moreover, this will expand your professional network.


Join a Job Club

Another essential tip for career networking that is not as well-known is to start or join a job club. A job club provides numerous benefits to job seekers. At this gathering of job seekers, you can plan your job search strategy, share job landing ideas and become informed about who is hiring at specific companies. A job club, therefore, proves to be much more support for candidates seeking jobs.


In conclusion, there are many different ways that people can network to get their dream job. From volunteering to conducting informational interviews, there are many opportunities available for people to meet people in their industry, make connections, and get their dream job.

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