How Can We Apply Biblical Lessons To Improve Our Relationships?

By Frank Coutinho | Jul 09, 2018
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When you got married with your spouse, you made vows in front of all your friends and family stating that you were fully committed to your spouse for better or worse, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, but what does the Bible say about relationships, marriage, and dating and how can you use that information to improve your relationship with your partner?


Today, there are people who view the books and lessons in the Bible as being something that is old and outdated, while many scholars who have extensively studied the Bible believe that there are still many concepts that offer valuable insights and wisdom when you know how to apply them and that we can still apply these various insights in today's day and age. For example, God had commanded couples to join together as one and that nothing should separate them, but Jesus expanded on this by allowing for divorce in certain circumstances. As much as we would like to believe that we can be perfect, we cannot be as human beings and there are situations and occasions such as in an abusive relationship or cheating where the marriage can end.


Unfortunately, in today's day and age, divorce has been on a steady rise and the numbers of re-marriages have also been rising. Therefore, in today's fast-paced society, couples must take the necessary time to ensure the person they want to marry is the right partner for them. They also need to be ready and willing to put in the required amount of effort and have the necessary skills and patience to communicate effectively.


All of these different topics are covered in different parts of the Bible, for there are numerous Bible verses about relationships. It also speaks of treating one another with kindness and appreciation and to be forgiving of one another when someone has caused you offence. Do not hold anything against anyone and you will live an amazingly free life and you will even see your relationships flourish! Most, if not all relationships will hit a rough patch every now and then and that rough patch is often enough for a lot of people to move out, walk away, and separate. Why do some people quit? Perhaps they are afraid to discuss these subject/s with their partner, or perhaps they think that it is too hard or they don't know how to handle the issue and just quit. Nothing in love is unresolvable and every problem has a solution. But it will require courage, open communication and a willingness to resolve the issues when they arise. The 'easy' thing to do is quit and walk away, but if you do that and you have not resolved the underlying causes of your relationship's split then you can continue carrying these 'faults' into future relationships. While it may seem like it is requiring more time and energy and effort to work with your partner to rebuild your relationship and resolve your problems, it is necessary if you want your relationship to be salvaged.

In conclusion, take the time and the effort in applying some of the wisdom of the ages and pay some attention to what the Bible says about marriage and relationships; because ultimately, applying true love and kindness in your relationship with your partner can work wonders in your relationship and in each others lives, and strengthen your relationship like nothing else before.

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