How Can You Assist Your Lawyer in your DUI?

By Frank Coutinho | May 22, 2018
Pexels How Can You Help Your DUI Attorney?

You and I both know that it is in your best interests to remove a DUI charge on your record. Therefore, you go and research the best DUI lawyer you can find. You have a few consultations, you pick your favorite law firm, you sign a contract, you pay your legal fee. Then you leave your case to your DUI Lawyer, and just sit back and relax, right? Unfortunately, that is not entirely accurate. Yes, you can take comfort in the fact that you are in good hands, and that your DUI attorney will take care of your case. However, you must keep in mind that there is still work for you to do personally if you want a higher possibility of removing your DUI charge. After all, nobody knows your case as well as you. In this article, we will discuss three general things you can do today to help your DUI defense lawyer win your case.


1. Provide all the information you can about the case.


Your DUI Lawyer needs to know all the details about what happened. The more information you can provide, the more informed they will be about your case, allowing them to better formulate a defense to your charge. Were the weather conditions wet and slippery on the day of your accident? Did you work extra hours the week leading up to your DUI arrest? Did you have a bad experience with a police officer ten years ago that led you to act the way you did on videotape? Your DUI Lawyer needs to know all this information.


Do not decide on what information you should filter from your lawyer. Tell them everything you can about the accident and let your attorney be the filter. DUI lawyers should encourage their clients to provide them everything they think is related to the incident, regardless of whether they think it is relevant or not. Remember, you are protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege. Finally, if Your DUI Lawyer provides you with a question form to fill out, do it! This makes the job of your DUI lawyer much easier.


2. Take pictures of the scene.


if you have a good DUI Attorney, they will eventually go to the crime scene (where the DUI stop, or accident happened), and take some pictures. Make sure they know where to look. Help your DUI Attorney with locating the area and where to find it. If possible, you should return to the scene first and take pictures. There is nothing better than a client who brings in pictures at the beginning of the case. As mentioned in the previous point, this can make the job of a DUI lawyer much easier, and the more you help your DUI lawyer, the more they can help you remove your DUI charge. It is a win-win situation.


3. Maintain open communication with your Lawyer.


It can be easy to let your Attorney do their job and just fade off into the background and not worry about what is going on. Especially in a DUI prosecution, which could go on for many months. but open communication with your DUI Lawyer is essential: for both parties. While your attorney is handling the DUI laws, you should still maintain contact with them at least once every three weeks by either phone or email.


In conclusion, there are several things you can do to assist your DUI Lawyer in clearing your record of a DUI charge. From providing all the information you can think of regarding your case, taking pictures of the scene, to maintaining open communication with your DUI lawyer you are providing your DUI lawyer with everything they need to win your case.

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