How Can You Get a Better Price Buying or Selling a Car?

By Frank Coutinho | May 07, 2018
Photo by: Pexels Looking to buy or sell a car?

When you are looking to purchase a car, regardless of whether it is brand new or used, you are usually very interested in determining the appropriate valuation of your vehicle. Years ago, you had to rely on your mechanic to give you an honest third-party valuation of the car you wanted to purchase. However, today with the Internet, there are many vehicle valuation services available that are very accurate for any make and model of car you may be interested in purchasing. These online evaluation resources usually break their analysis down to the year, the brand, the model, kilometres used, and style. These are all basic requirements that we all take for granted today. Listings that include more images of the vehicle naturally sell more because you are providing prospects with a lot more information about your vehicle since a picture is worth a thousand words. Use these online listings to learn as much as you can about your prospective vehicle, it will only cost you a few minutes of reading. According to Forbes, the number one mistake you can make when buying a car is not doing your homework.


In many cases, if a car dealer wants to make a sizable profit on their car for sale, especially with a newer model, you can be offered a valuation of your car at a much higher price than what the vehicle may be worth. This is usually because there is a 'cushion' between what the dealer actually pays for the car and what they are selling it for. This 'cushion' often allows quite a bit of leeway between what the dealer must receive, to make a reasonable profit, and what is available to negotiate on the table. The better your car looks the more trade-in value it will have. Therefore, it can mean several hundred dollars in the offer if your car is simply cleaned properly, vacuumed and sprayed with a nice scent. Having your vehicle washed and waxed is also a good idea because it makes your vehicle more presentable to potential buyers. First impressions really do matter. Unfortunately, the cost of repairs can be very high these days, depending on the repair required. If the car has dents, rust, or damages that require bodywork, your vehicle’s selling price will be negatively impacted.


When deciding to trade-in your car, it is very important to contact several dealers before choosing one to work with. You will find that some dealers are easier to work with, and some may not have your best interests in mind. If you feel like this may be the case, or that you do not trust them, then make sure you work with another car dealer. Be sure to use online tools to help you sell your car online because any advantage you receive in the car sales process can help you significantly and can lead to hundreds if not thousands of dollars gained in the car’s sale. Using free Internet tools, being informed, and doing your homework will go a long way to ensure that you will get the very best used car valuation.

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