How Can You Host A Successful Facebook Contest?

By Frank Coutinho | Jul 08, 2018
Photo by: Pexels

For the past several years, Facebook has become the number one social media platform of the entire world. With over 2 billion monthly users, never in the history of humanity has there been a means to communicate and get in contact with so many people across the globe. Businesses, regardless of their size or industry are now trying to grow their presence on Facebook, and increase their engagement with their followers, while at the same time growing their followers at the same time. One effective strategy you can use is a Facebook contest, which is an effective and simple method to grow a Facebook pages’ likes, followers, and convert Facebook users into leads with an interesting contest that they may find appealing. Facebook contests have been used extensively over the years and can still be executed effectively today but you must put in the necessary work and preparation beforehand if you want to receive a good return on investment from your Facebook contest. Therefore, before you execute your Facebook contest, you should first determine your goals for the Facebook contest and what you want to obtain from the contest. Then, after determining your goals, you should ensure you have everything set up effectively for the contest, and then you must execute your contest well too. If you want to increase the success of your Facebook contest you can get Facebook votes to make your Facebook contest look like there has been a lot of participation and engagement with other Facebook users. After your contest has been completed you should then determine how your contest fared with analytics and data, and then learn from this contest for future contests.

Today, executing a Facebook contest are easier than ever before because there are also a wide variety of Facebook applications that are dedicated to solely helping users to running contests on Facebook. If you were wondering how to collect data and information from your Facebook contests, well these Facebook applications are the solution to your problems. These applications not only help with data collection and analytics, they also help you in executing your Facebook contest with pre-designed template forms, mobile friendly interfaces, and ready to use legal terms and conditions you can implement for your contest. Most people do not have programming or coding experience, so designing these applications yourself can be very difficult, time consuming, and almost impossible. These Facebook applications allow you to tap into incredibly effective technological tools and analytics without having to be a computer or coding expert. It truly is easier than ever before to execute your own Facebook contests today than ever before.

In conclusion, Facebook contests have been a very popular strategy used by Facebook page administrators consistently over the years. However, despite their success you must still be prepared beforehand and have a plan in hand if you want above average results. Fortunately, it is also a lot easier today to execute Facebook contests due to ready-made software and applications that are available to assist you every step of the way of your Facebook contest.


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