How Can You Improve Your Employee’s Morale & Productivity?

By Frank Coutinho | Aug 11, 2018
Photo by: Pexels

Today, employees are considered to be the most critical asset of any business. Regardless of the size, scope or industry of the company, it will grind to a complete halt if it has no employees managing and operating its day to day procedures. Even if your employees are performing at only eighty-percent of their potential, this drop in productivity can lead to having a significant adverse impact on the bottom line of your business and can make all the difference between your company meeting its annual and/or quarter goals or not. Therefore, encouraging your employees and rewarding excellent behavior is a unique business practice for any business to follow. People today want to have that feeling that their work has meaning, and adds value, and offering awards and plaques to highlight their excellent performance is a way companies today can do just that. These days, it can be effortless to get stuck in the trap of the daily routine, and the hustle and bustle that each new day brings. Highly effective companies know the value there can be found in taking the time to take a break from the regular daily routine and observe and reward employees for their outstanding performance or results.

Before you go about handing out plaques and awards, it is essential that you take the necessary time to plan thoroughly beforehand. You will have to determine what kind of achievement will be recognized, and how to measure this performance in a fair, unbiased manner. You will also have to decide which departments or roles you will offer these awards to, and measure the specific results of each department differently because each department has different goals and objectives. Once you have completed this necessary planning, you still have more preparation to finish. For example, you will have to determine the budget for the plagues, and the award ceremony (if you plan on hosting an award ceremony or a special work lunch). The budget will depend primarily on the size of your workforce and the number of people you would like to hand out plaques to. Your budget will also depend on the size and the quality of materials required for each plaque. Fortunately, you can very easily purchase plaques online and instantly determine what the total cost of the plaques may be. You should also determine what type of plaques you will hand out. Will they be kept in the office or work environment as a daily reminder, or will each recipient be allowed to keep their awards and take them home? This is another important decision you must make beforehand. You will also need to budget how long the awards event ceremony will take because the longer the event, the more time is being spent away from work, which is an opportunity cost for the organization.

In conclusion, hosting an awards ceremony and handing out plaques to top performers is a fantastic way for organizations to promote and encourage high performance among their workforce. However, thorough preparation must be done beforehand, mainly if this the first time your organization has ever hosted an awards ceremony. Yes, the preparation may seem daunting at first, but the improved employee morale and performance is definitely worth the initial time and effort.


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