How Can You Improve Your Tennis Game?

By Frank Coutinho | Jun 24, 2018
Photo by: Pexels Want to Improve at Tennis?

Better tennis technique and strokes can make all of the difference between you being an average tennis player and a great tennis player. To improve your tennis technique, you must understand the fundamentals of effective and even world-class tennis strokes. There is not much of a difference between a 4.0 player than a 4.5 player, other than the fact that the 4.5 player usually has better tennis techniques. Tennis technique is the way that a person swings or uses their body to hit their shots. Therefore, one way to improve your tennis technique is to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of tennis. Tennis technique is one of the most important areas for any player having a desire to improve in. Focus on developing your tennis strokes so that they do not break down under pressure. Having a proficient tennis technique means having a stroke that is biomechanically efficient and is adaptive to various conditions and situations.


One way to improve your tennis technique is to watch the techniques of the pros, like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova. You should also watch a few slow-motion videos of these great players playing. Watch how Nadal's forehand shapes into the powerful bomb at contact and watch Maria Sharapova's forehand and backhand and how explosive and smooth this movement is.


Proper forehand and backhand tennis strokes is very common with pro level tennis players. At the pro level, most pros have a flawless technique, and this technique allows them to hit great shots consistently. For recreational tennis players, they must spend the required time to work on developing a proper tennis technique. This may mean working on the fundamentals first and then solidifying them afterward. With practice, determination, and hard work, a tennis player can steadily improve their tennis strokes. Players today are fortunate to rely on the advancements of internet and technology because they can also learn more about tennis from tennis online courses. There is no excuse for improving your tennis game.


When practicing your tennis technique, it is very important to use your whole body when hitting every shot rather than just your arm. To have a very strong hit, you must learn to incorporate your entire body into every shot and maximize your power in every hit. While your entire body must be incorporated into each tennis stroke, any excessive wrist flick can lose you the game. Position and balance coupled together with the correct tennis technique is very vital key when learning the techniques of tennis. Tennis tactics, on the other hand, are an essential part of the game of tennis. You should think about tennis strategy as if you were a chess player. A good tennis tactic is to constantly make your opponent guess what your next move will be and keep them off balance. This will help you win the game. Tennis tactics involve how you will play the next shot.


In conclusion, with so many online learning resources it is now easier than ever to learn tennis at a very high level. Always make sure to practice with full intensity to allow you to obtain the correct tennis techniques sooner and rid yourself of any incorrect or less effective methods. All the best on your tennis career!

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