How Can You Make An Effective Amazon Listing?

By Frank Coutinho | Jun 20, 2018
Photo by: Pexels What is required in a good Amazon listing?

If you a seller on Amazon, it is very important to follow the “Terms and Conditions” provided by Amazon or else your account and listings can get suspended. This is important when making your Amazon listing because we do not want to over optimize and break Amazon’s terms. An effective listing on Amazon can help you with maintaining or improving your sales position on, which ultimately leads to more traffic to your listing, and higher sales. In this article, we will discuss some of the easy ways you can improve your Amazon product listing.


Use Relevant Keywords

As stated in Amazon's terms, relevant keywords are required to be inserted into your product listing in the back end. Yes, Amazon will take your common keywords from your product listing, but you are required to insert more specialized and detailed keywords into your backend to help you rank and show up for these keywords.


Use an Effective Title

Your product’s title is one of the first things a buyer looks at when searching for a product on Amazon. Amazon allows you to make use of a specific character limit in the product title. You are required to fill all the appropriate information related to your product listing, i.e. title, image, description, and features. Amazon can also change the character limit for product titles, so it is important that you stay up to date.


Select An Appropriate Category

One of the biggest and easiest mistakes an Amazon seller can make is not having their product listing placed in the correct category. If you intentionally sell a gated product in a category that you are ungated in, Amazon will eventually correct this “mistake” and your listing will be restricted.


Use Eye-Catching Images

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, so it is very important that you use images that useful to your buyers. Show your product from different angles, show it be used by a person, include useful information in the images etc. Look at successful Amazon listings to learn how they are effectively using their images.


Always remember that Amazon is very stringent on the performance of the sellers on its platform. They also frequently update their terms and conditions, and the requirements of their listings. Thus, it is very important that you stay up to date with all their latest rules and changes or else your listing may suffer. If you are overwhelmed with all these requirements you should consider purchasing an Amazon seller management service, to guide you every step of the way in building an effective Amazon listing. There is no need for you to struggle when so much expert help is available to assist you.


In conclusion, there are several aspects that make up a great Amazon listing such as the backend keywords, the title, the category, and images. Ensuring you get all these parts correct will go a long way in improving your product’s listing, and in growing your product’s traffic, conversion, and sales. Being successful on Amazon requires work, but it is very much worth it.

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