How the Great Solar Storm of 1967 nearly started WW III

Oct 07, 2016

In a free talk Saturday, Oct. 22, Dr. Dolores J. Knipp, research professor in aerospace engineering, Colorado University, and former U.S. Air Force weather officer, tells how, on May 23, 1967, the U. S. Air Force began preparing for war, thinking the U.S.S.R. had jammed American surveillance radars.

But just then military space-weather forecasters intervened telling top officials that a powerful solar eruption was to blame. Had we not had in place by then a solar storm observation and forecasting capability, the storm’s impact could have been very great indeed.

Dr. Knipp will describe the event, its geopolitical context, and its military repercussions at 3 p.m. at the Old Professor's Bookshop, 99 Main St., Belfast. For more information, call 338-2006.

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