Hurricanes and Weather Modification.

By patrick quinn | Sep 07, 2017

Weather modification is not science fiction, not fake news. I researched and found over 50 companies involved in weather making, including United States Air Force. Making it rain is now a global business.

During the American-Vietnam War the United States military used weather modification to seed clouds during the monsoon season to make the rain heavier and the season last longer.  The initial goal was to swamp the Ho Chi Minh trail and cut off the supply route from North Vietnam.  The program was named "Operation Popeye". It was used from 1967-1972. The operation was expanded to cover Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.  It washed out villages and the inhabitants, caused landslides, washed out river crossings and destroyed the food source.  Weather as a weapon was outlawed in 1978 by the global community.

The current onslaught of hurricanes is unprecedented and I believe it is man made, enhanced storms, they are a weapon of war. We are under attack! Who is making this war?  Stay tuned and look up at the clouds, stay alert.

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