I represent other interested  parties

Feb 28, 2013

Hear me

Hear me

I was not granted interested party status

I do not attend meetings

I do not speak into microphones

Hear me though, just the same.


I am

The gull who laughs at you while you enjoy your picnic

The fish you never see but you hope are always swimming

And the lobster you know so well

I am the loon and that soothing voice

I am the clean fresh breeze that fills your sails on Penobscot bay

I am the tree that shades your walk

I am the quiet that comforts you after a days work

I am your smiling neighbors

I am the friendly visitor

I am the slippery seal smiling at you

I am the quiet road home

I am your grandchild, not yet born.

Listen now,

I ask you to keep our place safe

This place safe

The place where we fly,









When the child sits on you knee i hope you can tell them

the story of how you kept the TANK away

To save this place for us

Instead of trying to describe for them

what it was like before the TANK came.

I am timeless

You always count on me to be here

As I have been for ever

I promise to stay

As long as there is a place for me

— Joanne Moesswilde

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