Illustrated Talk: ‘Cape Horn to Cape of Good Hope’

Community Happenings
Jul 24, 2019
7:00 PM

Lincolnville Community Library, 208 Main St. Carl Lindquist will discuss his seven-week sailing trip from Cape Horn to Cape of Good Hope with an international crew aboard the square-rigged ship Europa. The sailors, some experienced and others novices, had no internet, cell phones, or news from the outside world, and were often cold and wet, all of which enhanced the camaraderie as they encountered icebergs, calm and raging seas, and all kinds of weather. They visited many remote islands, including South Georgia, Tristan de Cunha, and Elephant Island, and saw whales, dolphins, seals, albatross, penguins, and many other kinds of wildlife. Lindquist is a retired ophthalmologist who lives part of the year in Maine. FMI: 706-3896 or