Independent, Clean Election Candidate

The Maine Clean Election Act was passed by citizens initiative in 1996..... I was 12 at the time. I'm older now and can fully see the value of this Act. I know some call it "political welfare" but it allows me to finance my campaign, a campaign to work for the people, by the people I wish to represent. It allows me to go door to door to talk about the issues that folks are facing, their opinions and concerns, not about financing my campaign. Sometimes folks offer to help and it is nice knowing that I never have to ask anyone to contribute anything financially above $5. If you haven't yet, I would encourage you to look at contributing to your Districts Clean Election candidates at:

This level of taking money out of politics is rare and needs to be encouraged. It evens the playing field between those of different financial backgrounds and gives everyone a chance to compete. I have already contributed to every Clean Election candidate in my District, both Democrat and Republican, including the candidate running against me. I'd rather focus on the issues.... wouldn't you?

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