Interior Paint Jobs - Is there really a difference depending on who you hire?

The answer - Absolutely.

Everyday homeowners have to decide on which contractors they are going to have come into their homes and do the work they need done.

There's many to choose from and often times it's hard to decide. Price is a huge factor in decision maker, but don't let it be your ultimate reason, allow it to factor in.

It is imperative to do your homework and ask around for word of mouth, as well as ask the contractors for references.

Reasons for a quote being higher than another can often be related to the added value and protection that is delivered to you, the customer. Speaking for ourselves, we are fully insured, protect every aspect of your home when we're working on it, clean up afterward as if we were never there and prep all aspects of the job to give you the absolute best paint job your home could have.

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